Transport Cebu


On our site we have created a very useful service. It will be interesting to visitors, travelers, just moved the residents and even radically Cebu. Our city is large, so it is impossible to know all the streets and districts. On this page you will find all public transport Cebu.

The main mode of transport in the city, who are proud of all of Cebu, is underground. It was built in 1975. This is the second largest underground road in Ukraine after the capital's highways. Subway comprises 3 branches, which overlap each other. This allows you to quickly get from one end of town to the other with one change and the minimum fares. Daily Metro services are used by about 800 thousand people.

Not less popular in Cebu tram and trolleybus. The whole town is literally "enveloped" lines for electric wires. The first tram Cebu saw back in 1906. Cebu electrotransport system is considered the oldest structure in the whole Ukraine. At present there are more than ten tram lines and about two dozen trolley lines.

None of the modern Ukrainian city can not do without such a fast and reliable public transport like bus. They have long been popular until recently replaced coach. Minibuses were firmly established in the streets of cities at the expense of maneuverability and comfort. Today, they can get to any, even the most remote, Area Cebu.

you can build a route from one point to another city with the help of our website. We always show you what transport to choose, how to build the shortest and most convenient route.

On the page you just met a form where you need to fill out the field to start the search. If you definitely know how and where you need to get, do not hesitate to use it. It is that the user does not know the exact street name or house number. Then his services city map. Our service paves the possible routes on public transport and on foot. Near it indicates the time for which you can get to the specified point.

If you do not know how to best get to your destination in Cebu, take advantage of our service. He greatly reduce your time to travel around the city, tells the cheapest travel option, and the remaining time you can enjoy the beauty of our city!