Recommended places to visit in Cebu

Unforgettable emotions in Sky Experience Adventure
7:39 PM, 15 June
Nalusuan island. Paradise on the Earth
4:28 AM, 15 June
Esoy Hot Spring. Hot bathing
4:33 AM, 14 June
Alta Vista Golf & Country Club. Active rest
2:29 AM, 14 June
Cebu Provincial Capitol. The house of government
9:18 PM, 12 June
Marcelo Fernan Bridge. Connection between Cebu and Mactan.
6:23 PM, 12 June
The Yap Sandiego Ancestral House. Dive into the spirit of past
10:08 PM, 11 June
Inambakan Waterfalls. Beautiful nature around
9:31 PM, 11 June
Skywaterpark Cebu
4:03 AM, 11 June

If you can't decide where to go on a trip or which places to visit on Cebu, a guide from with the finest and popular places of our archipelago of islands will help you.

In the check list you will find natural objects and human creations, popular beaches, restaurants, islands, architectural objects, resorts and places for extreme rest.

We'll talk about waterfalls, lakes, farms, fountains, castles, canyons, islands, lagoons ... These amazing places should be seen at least once in a lifetime. We are always updating and adding interesting places on Cebu. If you travel by yourself, with your family or friends, then you can always choose for yourself the route and places to visit which will surprise you. The nature and weather in Cebu and the Philippines in general always takes travelers well. You can also find places to relax on a rest days. By the way Cebu island and around has most interesting places than other islands.