Google will introduce a new device based on Android TV

Google will introduce a new device based on Android TV
Google will introduce a new device based on Android TV

Google will introduce a new device based on Android TV

It's no secret that Chromecast has not been updated by Google for almost a year and a half. The reason for this indifference, according to network insiders, is the work on a new device based on Android TV. It is assumed that in the near future Chromecast will be removed from the market altogether. Chromecast will be replaced by a new device, probably released under the Nest brand. Experts also believe that the new product will be made part of the lineup of branded smart displays and smart speakers.

Some experts believe that the company can rename Android TV to Google TV, which would be logical. However, Google does not share the details of the release of the new device, because users can only guess about its immediate entry into the market.

Information about a possible rebranding by Google itself has not been confirmed. Such rumors gave rise to the corporation's policy regarding the gradual departure from the word Android.

So, at one time, the Android Market app store changed its name to the Google Play Store, and the Android Pay service was renamed to Google Pay. It is also worth recalling the Android Wear operating system for wearable electronics, which changed its name to Wear OS. Even the Android Messages application got rid of the word Android in the name.

It is noted that the desire of Google to minimize the mention of Android is most likely associated with ordinary stereotypes. It is common practice to associate Android-based products with something not very prestigious. When at the same time, iOS devices are considered premium and especially high quality.

Recall that this year Google will introduce a new set-top box Chromecast Ultra. The main difference from the previous model will be a full-fledged Android TV and a remote control.

Google introduce new device Android TV
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