What nature changes observed in the Cebu and also throughout the world | Cebu News

What nature changes observed in the Cebu and also throughout the world

Cebu News! What nature changes observed in the Cebu and also throughout the world

It seems that nature is resting from us.
After people all over the world went to quarantine, the environmental situation began to improve in many cities. For example, in Cebu City during lockdown and quarantine, a fresh wind appeared.
Nature very quickly resumes by itself and it does not need a person for this. 3-4 years is enough and you will not recognize the former zone.

“Nature has transformed”: how coronavirus affected the ecology of our planet.

Coronavirus managed to make its adjustments literally in all areas of life. Ecology is no exception: as large industrial plants stopped operating and people quarantined, the nature around began to change. Rare birds and animals began to return to many cities, and the general ecological situation on the planet began to improve.
After people all over the world went to quarantine, the environmental situation began to improve in many cities. In Venice, in particular, water in canals became transparent for the first time in 60 years, and rare birds flew into Berlin. Cebu was no exception, people began to notice, the air became cleaner and rare birds and animals appeared in cities. Also, many rare fish appeared in the sea. Will animals be able to adapt to urban conditions so much that they will occupy cities?

Always, during recessions and economic crises, when a large industrial sector stops its work and there is no negative impact on nature, an improvement in the field of the environment occurs.

Nature very quickly resumes by itself and it does not need a person for this. 3-4 years is enough and you will not recognize the former zone. In the same Venice, where the canals became so transparent that you can watch the underwater world, there simply were no treatment facilities. Now we wonder why it is clean there. Yes, because the emission of garbage has stopped.

As for the animals that began to populate urban spaces, this, of course, is a positive sign, which indicates an improvement in the conditions around. But all this will last until humanity is in quarantine, as soon as work resumes, the animals leave the city and do not have time to get offspring. This is a long-studied process.

In many large cities, the number of cars on the roads decreased, the work of large enterprises was suspended, and air traffic was closed. Will the current situation affect global warming and other large-scale environmental processes?

Global warming is one of the variants of the manifestations of climatic cyclicity that follows cold snap and vice versa. We had periods of global cooling on the planet, accompanied by severe icing. The environmental situation does not affect global warming or cooling. But as we noticed, due to changes in nature, the first snow fell in the Philippines.

But given the fact that people after this crisis will begin to start up factories and enterprises with even greater force in order to get any positive indicators from scratch, in a year we will be able to understand whether we really influence not only nature, but also weather. It’s too early to talk about this.

NASA's employees uploaded China's satellite images to the Network. They compared a photo of Hubei Province, where an outbreak of coronavirus infection occurred, and found that air pollution in the region had virtually disappeared since the beginning of quarantine. Will it have a positive effect for those who breathe this air?

Of course! While all enterprises in China resume their activity, a certain time will pass and people will have the opportunity to breathe clean air for at least a short time. Because of the increased environmental pollution, they went there before the coronavirus in masks, remember. The most important thing that people, and first of all environmental activists and representatives of political forces should do, is to at least somehow preserve the positive environmental situation that has now developed in the world.

You can believe it or not, but Miss Jinky who has lived in Cebu from her window has never seen a mountain. Up to this point. Cebu is notorious for its high levels of air pollution. Against the background of the announced quarantine and the shutdown of enterprises, he was able to cebu, scattered. And for the first time in 10 years, high mountains appeared in front of Jinki and her neighbors in all its glory.

And now satellite images. China before and after quarantine. The level of air pollution decreased by 25%, because most plants and factories that emit nitrogen dioxide, poisonous gas from transport and industrial facilities were closed. A very similar picture and over Italy.

On the streets of Chilean Santiago, a carnivorous cougar walks cute.

In Peru, on the beaches instead of people, thousands of seagulls.

And here is California, where brown bears come to apartment buildings.

Now move overseas, UK.

Mountain goats captured the streets of one of the cities of Wales.

Wild boars made their way to the very center of Barcelona.

India has distinguished itself, Malabar civet wanders here, a rare species, the status of an animal on the verge of extinction!

And finally, Japan, where sika deer explore new territories.

Seismic noise is a mini-earthquake. A truck drove, a crowd of people ran through, soil vibrations. It dropped somewhere by 30 percent, by 50, according to various estimates. Naturally, it influences, like any fluctuations, it affects a person. And a person becomes more comfortable when he, when this seismic noise becomes less.

Boars in the city center, wild ducks in the fountains of Rome, in the canals of Venice, clear water full of fish. Swans and dolphins returned. Air pollution has decreased. Nature restores its quarantine in Italy.

More recently, white foam flakes were seen covering the Yamuna River in India. By the way, this didn’t bother people, they were happy to flounder in toxic foam and take selfies. Foam from the fact that the river was a real cocktail of chemical waste enterprises.

Now the picture has changed radically. The Indians are posting on Twitter amazing footage of the virgin nature of those places where there were recently heaps of garbage.

Water in the Ganga River, for the first time in several decades, is considered potable.

Really, when people return to the streets, all the dirt and rubbish will return to the rivers again. I do not want to believe it.

nature changes observed Cebu throughout world
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