Google provide new system GOOGLE DISCOVER for search actual and interest content

Google provide new system GOOGLE DISCOVER for search actual and interest content
Google provide new system GOOGLE DISCOVER for search actual and interest content

GOOGLE DISCOVER How it's works and what's be interesting for users

Google Discover (formerly Google Feed) is a personalized recommendation feed from Google that proactively provides for active users with relevant content.

If the traditional Google search engines the user to enter a request, then service Google Discover anticipates his behavior and automatically gives him new, interesting and relevant content.

The recommendations stream today is available to smartphone mobile users in the Google search application, on Android mobile devices, as well as in the system web version in different mobile browsers (when users logging into a personal Google account).

In addition to showing the latest interesting and actual news, the Google Discover system is also designed to make it easier for users to find interesting content. In addition, the recommendation feed is part of a larger Google initiative that focuses on the search - from instantly providing information to understand more complex patterns of user behavior.

With unlimited personal access to all information, Google is trying to filter information and highlight actual content for "drifting" in the Internet space of users.

How it's works?
According to information from Google, two main intellectual mechanisms are used to determine which content to display in the recommendations stream:

Machine learning / artificial intelligence Google News to provide different points of view on the latest news.
The thematic level in the Knowledge Network trying to understand the interests of google users and how they're making change over time.
Focus on user interests
Google sees the system Discover feed as the actual and latest innovation in “search-less search,” where the understanding of an individual user replaces and actualize the understanding of an individual request.

Thus, the user is the focus in the system of Google Discover.

The recommendations stream automatically displays personalized content which based on the following user data:

Search results History
Browsing history
App Activity
Location (this item depends on yourself Google Account settings and your privacy settings)
Google Discover uses this information to identify and display topics (“interests”) that may be relevant to the user.

What's in the Discover Feed
To better understand the “interests” in Google Discover, we analyzed over 700 of these topics identified by members of the SEO community.

Although this is a minimal sample size compared to all potential interests, we made a few observations:

The tape is dominated by interests related to sports and entertainment.
The tape focuses primarily on hobbies and events.
Brands also have a fairly strong presence.
Although Discover strives to offer new content to users, it also remembers their cafés and restaurants.
SEO has its own category.
Below is a visualization of all the interests indicated by users, organized by category (finance, education, etc.) and type of entity (brand, product, personality, etc.).

Google new system GOOGLE DISCOVER for search actual interest content
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