How to stay in good fit during quarantine and lockdown time

How to stay in good fit during quarantine and lockdown time
How to stay in good fit during quarantine and lockdown time

If you trained regularly before quarantine, then you know better how to deal at home.

One of the main difficulties in quarantine is a significant decrease in physical activity. By 2020, we all more or less learned to walk 10 thousand steps a day, and now there is simply nowhere to go, and food supplies can insidiously test us for strength.

If you trained regularly before quarantine, then you know better how to deal at home. We have prepared several ideas for you to diversify your fitness routine. If you practice from time to time or approximately never, we’ll tell you how to make training a habit and get out of quarantine fit and full of energy.

5 reasons to start exercising at home right now

Have fun in a new way
If the series have ceased to carry away, the books are not readable, on Instagram nothing new or just wanted a change, add physical activity. Try different types of workouts - this will help prolong interest for a long time.
Boost Emotional Resilience
We are all going through a very difficult period. We can’t influence the majority of the events that take place. If you feel anxious that you are not in control of the situation in the world, psychologists advise you to take control of what you can influence. House order, list of necessary products, work schedule, training plan. Plus physical activity - an effective way to relieve the accumulating emotional stress.
You'll sleep better
Many of my friends in the new realities to hell lost the entire regime of the day. Exhausting yourself emotionally and intellectually during the day, you are ready to fall asleep, but the body, not getting the load, simply does not have time to get tired and continues to stay awake. Meanwhile, sleep hygiene is an important component of strong immunity. Training will help you fall asleep and wake up better.
Get a dose of legal drugs - endorphins
Evolution has provided a scheme for us: we produce endorphin (the hormone of happiness) well in response to physical pain. If you don’t really like to beat your little finger against the nightstand, your choice is training. Due to muscle pain, a smooth, over a long continuous arc, hormone production is launched. With regular training, mood and overall well-being improve for a long time. And all this without a single crumb of sugar.
Save and even improve your quarantine exit form
In general, we are in Tutu against focusing on the ideal parameters of the body, but if it is important for you to get in shape by the summer, this is a good opportunity to achieve noticeable results. And summer will definitely be. And we hope that we can hold it free.

5 reasons to start training

When is the best time to do
Training with a trainer
Independent training
Sport equipment
Fitness in between
How to defeat laziness
When is the best time to do
It is widely believed that it is better to start the morning with a charge. In general, in the morning, the body is full of energy and this is the best time for training. But any “owl” will tell you - not everyone is better. For example, in the morning I can only walk with the Canterville ghost, scaring the family. Workouts in the evening are best for me. And yes, I fall asleep perfectly after. If you still don’t know exactly what your body’s preferences are, test your workouts at different times of the day and observe how you feel. But you should definitely not train right after eating, wait a couple of hours.

Life hack

If you are oppressed by the strictly allotted time, break the workout into pieces and do several approaches during the day. Do not put off until tomorrow! Do something today. Stressing to a minimum right now is always better than waiting for inspiration and strength to do everything that is ideally planned.

What workout to choose

If you went to a fitness club before isolation, first look at the information on your club’s website: it’s possible that online training on familiar programs is already in full swing there. But do not refuse to try something new. Muscles get used to the same type of load, and efficiency decreases, so it’s better to change the usual set of exercises at least every two weeks.

Level: Yourself A Trainer

If in isolation you are weaned from people and you feel comfortable alone with yourself or you prefer simple exercises to complex multifunctional training, we have three excellent suggestions:

A magic bar that trains almost all muscles at once. Everyone is on the bar. From Instagram celebrities to the son of my mother’s girlfriend. The conditions are simple: perfectly correct technique and a gradual increase in standing time.
Tabata High intensity interval training. You perform only one exercise in a limited period of time, at a fast pace, giving all your best. Several timer approaches will add up to a total of four minutes. Download any tabata app with a choice of exercises for different muscle groups, do not miss workouts and wait for the results.
Training prisoners. Paul Wade’s book with this training system can be found on the Internet. And yes, he was sitting. The system is based on the use of its own weight and is well suited for training in tight spaces. The development of strength and endurance is carried out through the phased execution of movements from simple to more complex. Carefully study the execution technique and do not injure yourself in vain.

Sport equipment
For effective training, you always have your own body weight, but the additional equipment will easily fit at home. A compact treadmill, a stepper, a bicycle machine that will turn a dusty bicycle into a trainer, fitball or a set of dumbbells can be ordered at the sports store online.

Plus, dumbbells can always be replaced with bottles of sand, water or detergent; instead of a barbell, take a dog or a child (observe safety precautions!). And to make a sandbag from a big bag and several kilograms of rice.

good fit during quarantine lockdown
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