Rules for walk during quarantine and lockdown time | COVID-19 at the Philippines

Rules for walk during quarantine and lockdown time
Rules for walk during quarantine and lockdown time

Rules for walk during quarantine and lockdown time

Is it possible to walk during quarantine and self-isolation?

 The restrictive measures introduced in connection with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic are aimed at eliminating contact between people or minimizing it. Self-isolation applies to both children and adults. All the nuances of self-isolation are prescribed in a special decree.
 More attention is paid to self-isolation, which reduces the risk of COVID-19 infection to a minimum.
 The government calls on citizens to exclude visits to any public places: parks, squares, courtyards - everything where there was or could happen to be contact with another person. Walks during a pandemic are completely excluded. Leaving the house is allowed only in exceptional cases:
- Purchase of medicines.
- A trip to work (only on quarantine pass) and to a medical institution.
- Acquisition of food and essential goods.
- Help a sick person, including caring for one.
- Walking pets, but at a distance of no more than 100 m from the house.

It is important for parents who claim that children need fresh air to understand that: firstly, there are young children among those who have a new coronavirus, which does not exclude the child from the group of people at risk, and secondly, even in empty courtyards forbidden to walk.

On the Internet, you can notice a lot of statements about children's walks during quarantine. Some argue that the playgrounds located in the yards are empty, which means that the child will not be able to contact with anyone. The explanations of epidemiologists in this situation are simple and should be understood by everyone:

- There is no guarantee that the playground was disinfected and that it does not have the COVID-19 virus or any other.
- Following this logic, hundreds more parents can take their children for walks, which will lead to personal contact, even with respect to the distance.

Specialists urge citizens to stay at home and not let their children go outside. Because the virus can live on various surfaces for up to 3 days or more. For your own walks and bringing children out to fresh air, you can use only the courtyards of private houses, cottages and condominiums, as well as playgrounds that are in personal individual use.

Walking pets during quarantine

The only way to go on a legal walk is to take the dog out of need. However, it should be remembered that further than 100 meters from the house you can not move away. But the time spent on the street with the animal is not regulated in any way.

Imposition of penalties for violation of the quarantine regime

If a person is willing to risk his own health and the condition of his loved ones, then he should remember that all people are exposed to the virus, regardless of gender or age group.

After infection is detected, a person is placed in a separate box, where he will be surrounded only by employees of a medical institution in special protective suits. It is difficult for adults to stay in such an environment, while children away from their parents will be much more difficult.

The measures applied today are not an infringement of the civil rights of the population. Since their implementation is consistent with the current constitution and is aimed at ensuring the safety of citizens. Courts in many countries have already begun to rule on fines for individuals who have exposed themselves and others in danger while in isolation in public places.

Rules walk during quarantine lockdown COVID-19 Philippines
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