RECOMMENDATIONS FOR SAFE HOME FOOD DELIVERY during a lockdown and quarantine of COVID-19

Recommendations for safe home food delivery
Recommendations for safe home food delivery

Recommendations for safe home food delivery during a COVID-19 pandemic

According to doctors Recommendations

The main requirement of the authorities during self-isolation is not to leave their home unless absolutely necessary. Sitting at home, many began to buy groceries and other goods in online stores, to order ready-made food in restaurants.

Recommendations on how to order food at home during quarantine.

What hygiene rules should courier working in delivery services observe?

- Wear medical masks (respirators) and gloves;
- use disinfectant wipes and antiseptics;
- to come to the customer in clean uniforms with clean disinfected boxes for transporting food;
- the courier must have a medical book.

What safety rules should be followed when receiving an order?

- Use contactless payment and contactless delivery;
- when paying through a mobile terminal, use gloves or disinfect hands afterwards;
- upon delivery of the order, the courier must put a container at the door, move a distance of about 1.5 meters and inform by phone about the completed order.

Recommendations safe home food delivery lockdown quarantine COVID-19
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