Many Filipinos still violate Enhanced Community Quarantine | Quarantine protocol (Video).

Many Filipinos still violate Enhanced Community Quarantine
Many Filipinos still violate Enhanced Community Quarantine

Breaking Philippines News! Many Filipinos still violate Enhanced Community Quarantine. Police departments using punishments for violators.

Strict implementation of ECQ included.


 These are restrictions on the presence of people at certain times on the street or in places that are prohibited from visiting. Such preventive measures are needed in order to quickly and safely, with the least losses, overcome the coronavirus crisis. Compliance with the ban is monitored by special units of the state troops or police.


Under quarantine, which continues to operate in a number of areas, QUARANTINE PASS is issued for people who want to go outside from their house and want to move around the area. Such passes are needed to travel to the place of work (you need to have a working pass with you); visiting a supermarket, pharmacy, bank; health status. In addition, special passes are issued to employees of medical services, law enforcement agencies and some other categories of citizens. When using personal transport, you must also have a VEHICLE QUARANTINE PASS.


 Wearing a medical mask is one of the preventative measures to limit the spread of 2019-nCoV. They come in many forms, but none have one hundred percent protection. Healthy people should wear a mask if they provide assistance or have contact with someone who is suspected of having an infection. If you cough or sneeze, wear a mask. When wearing a mask, the following rules must be observed:
- the mask should cover the nose and mouth, it is also necessary to securely fix it
- avoid touching the mask while using
- remove the mask from the back of the gum without touching the front, wash or handle your hands when touched
- if the mask became wet, replace it with a new one
- do not reuse disposable masks

Filipinos Enhanced Community Quarantine protocol Video.
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