Chinese scientists count new social distance for protect from CoronaVirus will be 4 meters

social distance
social distance

Breaking World News! Chinese scientists reported about CoronaVirus can spread to 4 meters distance

Chinese experts have named new data on the distance over which the coronavirus can be transmitted, reports The Daily Mail.
After studying the aerosol transmission of the virus when its particles remain in the air for several hours, the scientists came to the conclusion that the previously considered safe distance by which one should keep from infected with coronavirus infection is actually greatly underestimated.
Based on the results of new research, experts said that the norm of social distance should be at least 4 meters.
In addition, scientists expressed the idea that isolation of coronavirus-infected people at home cannot be considered effective because the virus levels are too high in their environment.
Recall that as of April 12, there are more than 1.7 million infected people in the world, over 400 thousand people have recovered from coronavirus, more than 100 thousand people have died.

Chinese scientists social distance CoronaVirus 4 meters COVID-19
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