Food delivery in The Cebu Philippines | How to choose and what to do with products

Food delivery in The Cebu Philippines
Food delivery in The Cebu Philippines

When you are want to order Food delivery in The Cebu Philippines. These recommendations are important and not difficult to follow.

In connection with quarantine, we have to change our habits. We began to go to food shops less often (or stopped going to them at all, ordering food at home) and replaced trips to cafes and restaurants with delivery of ready-made food. However, how safe is it, and is it necessary to wash with soap all the products that came to you from the store?
The most important thing that you need to pay attention to is that the coronavirus is not fully understood, although work on its research is carried out regularly. According to the latest data, COVID-19 survives on porous materials (cardboard, paper, fabric) for up to 24 hours, on smooth (plastic, glass, metal) - up to 72 hours.

Let's look at the most common food-related situations in which you run the risk of contracting a coronavirus, and find out what you should pay attention to.

Shopping trips
The biggest danger you may encounter while shopping is not the products on the shelves, but the other people who are in the store with you. Here the basic safety rules will help you - keep a distance of at least two meters, do not touch your face with your hands and immediately wash them thoroughly upon return.

Please note that some supermarkets have already introduced additional security measures such as public containers with disinfectants, gloves and markings on the floor, which allows you to maintain the correct distance in the queue at the checkout. Do not neglect the proposed options and try to use them to the maximum.

Home Products
It doesn’t matter how the products were at your place — you brought them yourself or your courier brought them to you — the level of danger of food in the bag will be about the same. If the courier did not sneeze in your face during the transfer of the order, but left the packages at the door (specify that almost all delivery services now use contactless transmission), then the risk of contracting something from it is minimal.

The main question: what to do with the products? Should I send them to a three-day isolation before bringing them to the kitchen? Do I have to wash all boxes, cans and bottles with an antiseptic? Experts argue that such measures are unnecessary.

Despite the fact that current data indicate that the coronavirus survives fairly well on different surfaces (up to three days), it does not grow there - it needs a live carrier. He can get to the surface of the food packaging only with the saliva or phlegm of an infected person, and therefore the chance that a patient with coronavirus coughed your pasta pack, and then you touched this area with your hand and licked this hand, is very small.
The basic rule that must be followed when dealing with food is, oddly enough, the good old hand washing. The best thing you can do to protect yourself from infection through food packaging is to wash your hands thoroughly during cooking and before you start your meal.
After you have brought home (or brought to you) the products, disassemble them in one specific place, and then fold them where they can not come into contact with the finished food (for example, in a container specially designated for this, and not on the table). Remember to wash your hands thoroughly every time you touch the packaged products.

If you use reusable bags for shopping, try to keep them in the car or in the box and do not forget to wash / wash them from time to time.

Food delivery
If we talk about the delivery of finished food, then similar principles work here. American virologist Angela Rasmussen claims that so far there is no evidence that the virus can be transmitted through food. Even if you eat contaminated food, it is likely that the virus will break down in your digestive tract. Therefore, you should not particularly worry about the fact that the food delivered to you from the restaurant can be dangerous to your health.

Another question is the packaging of this food, on which the virus is able to survive for quite some time. It is worth using the same safety principles as in the case of ordering products - choose contactless delivery, do not put ready-made food in containers on the table (it is better to put it in clean plates) and wash your hands thoroughly before proceeding with the meal.

A small bonus, which concerns security as much as support for small and medium-sized businesses (especially your favorite restaurants and cafes). Now many catering establishments are moving (or have already switched over) to delivery mode - for many this is the only chance to stay afloat while the whole world is quarantined. When you choose where to order food for a family dinner - prefer a local restaurant to large chains - fast food monsters will definitely survive, but your favorite coffee shop is not a fact.

It will also be great if you tip the couriers who bring you food and pizza - yes, they are certainly not doctors, but they also take risks, making our life better and safer with you. Many services now offer to leave tips online, so you don’t even have to contact the courier and cash.

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