Wuhan, China been opened after long weeks of quarantine and lockdown

Wuhan China been opened after long weeks
Wuhan China been opened after long weeks

After 76 days lockdown Wuhan, China was opened and started 200 flights

Chinese authorities have opened Wuhan today, the city where the coronavirus epidemic began. Quarantine lasted a long 76 days. And now you can go to other regions.

Midnight. The clock on the old tower beats - and Wuhan finally turns back into a normal city. On the occasion of the official lifting of the blockade, an impressive light show is being held - God sees that the long-suffering city has earned this holiday. On the TV tower, the characters are “heroic people”. From this day on, prisoners of coronavirus can leave Wuhan, of course, under the strict condition that they are healthy.

“We launch about 200 flights, which can be used by about 10 thousand passengers. Everyone will measure the temperature and check the QR codes, so we ask everyone to come to the airport in advance, ” said Jiang Shun, deputy director of civil aviation.

It was possible to come to Wuhan two weeks ago, but so far the city has worked only at the reception - to let everyone in, not to let anyone out. The removal of travel restrictions was announced in advance in order to prepare transport services and morally citizens. By midnight, a long line of cars lined up at the checkpoint. The city was closed for 76 days, it doesn’t matter what night it would be to get out as soon as possible.

“In January, we erected real barricades here to block the city. Now we are glad to remove everything. We’ll leave only portable cones where necessary, ” police officer Liu Yukun said.

The eloquent zero on the infographic of Chinese television - zero deaths in the last three days, zero cases of infection in 22 days. In a city where until recently people were dying from the coronavirus every hour. Now the main thing is not to harm, and Wuhan is opened with maximum precautions.

“Passengers are seated one per row. At first, the volume of traffic will be only 30% of the usual, ” says He Juan, deputy head of the station.

Tickets for trains from Wuhan sold out a few weeks in advance. Getting to Wuhan is not a problem. But there are few who want it.

Wuhan is open, but this is a story from the category of "input ruble - output two." You can go to the capital of Hubei from Beijing at least now - took a ticket and go. But there are no return tickets, and if you find one, then upon return - a mandatory two-week quarantine in a special hotel, and at your own expense.

In addition, people in bathrobes can intercept you along the way. There are no direct flights to Beijing from Wuhan yet. So quarantine can easily be taken at a transplant in some Lanzhou. Are you from Wuhan? Come here for a couple of weeks. With quarantine measures in China, the fourth month is strict. Very strict.

“The absence of new infections does not mean the absence of risk. The lifting of the blockade of Wuhan does not cancel the weakening of control over the epidemic. Opening a city does not mean opening the doors of your home, ” said Hu Shuguang, head of the Wuhan People’s Committee.

All this is very inconvenient, but brings results. The Wuhan Renaissance is an indicator of what real quarantine and its unquestioning fulfillment can do. The city returned to normal life after seven long weeks, but still much earlier than it seemed possible.

“Before the epidemic, our park was very popular. It just broke my heart when I saw it empty. And this deathly silence ... You know, I even sometimes cried, ” the park guard admits.

“I used to take a walk for granted. And now I’m grateful for every step I can take here, ” says the young man.

Wuhan China opened quarantine lockdown
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