Pink jellyfish in El Nido, Palawan coastal waters | Philippine island flooded of jellyfish

Pink jellyfish in the Palawan coastal waters
Pink jellyfish in the Palawan coastal waters

Pink jellyfish in the Palawan coastal waters

The coastal waters of the Philippine island of Palawan are flooded with pink jellyfish, also called tomato jellyfish (Crambione cf. Mastigophora). Marine biologist Sheldon Ray Boko of Griffith University, Australia, posted on his page a video with thousands of "sea tomatoes" floating on the surface. According to the scientist, tomato jellyfish gather off the coast of Palawan every spring, but you can notice them only in years of active reproduction, and even then not always. Their behavior is influenced by many factors, including atmosphere, currents, geological features. But even under the most favorable conditions, jellyfish usually did not swim to the surface near the coast due to the large number of tourists. Now, due to the coronavirus and the quarantine associated with it, the beaches are empty, and the sea creatures feel safe. Another reason for the "jellyfish bloom", according to scientists, could be climate change.

Pink jellyfish in the Palawan (video)

Pink jellyfish Palawan,Philippine island flooded
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