7 examples of how coronavirus improves the ecological situation on The Earth

7 examples of how coronavirus improves the ecological situation on The Earth
7 examples of how coronavirus improves the ecological situation on The Earth

7 examples when ecological situation is better on The Earth. Along quarantine protocol time

 Quarantine also has its unexpected advantages. Nature breathed a sigh of relief: clear water in Venice, clear skies over China. In many countries where quarantine began to operate, wild animals are seen on the streets. For example, in Poland, wild boars were seen in cities.
 There is reason to think about how we relate to natural resources and whether we can change something after the pandemic. We invite you to consider the most vivid evidence that nature is capable of dramatic renewal and recovery, as soon as a person ceases active activity to destroy it ...

1. Swans and dolphins in Venice

In connection with COVID-19, there were no tourists left in Venice at all, but swans and dolphins were noticed who were no longer afraid of motor boats.

2. Water quality in the Venetian canals

In Italy, strict quarantine measures have been introduced, for no serious reason, citizens have no right to leave their homes, the famous gondolas are also on vacation. Experts say that the water in the canals is the cleanest over the past 60 years. Old-timers are surprised, because usually it is greenish, opaque and does not smell of roses at all. Now even small fish are visible at the bottom, which became noticeably larger.
Representatives of the Venice Mayor's Office in an interview with CNN expressed the opinion that the water itself has not become cleaner, and its newfound transparency is explained by the lack of water transport. Boats simply do not raise sediment from the bottom. Vaporetto river buses do not go either; swans are now in their place. Graceful white birds cut channels along with ducks. In social networks, they founded a new group, “Clean Venice,” where city residents post positive photos. Recently, users posted footage with funny dolphins playing in the port.

3. Air quality in northern Italy

The air in Italy has also become cleaner, this is confirmed by studies of the atmosphere by the European Space Agency. The difference in the industrialized north of the country is especially striking. Traffic jams have disappeared, the streets are very quiet, Italians are sure that nature is being updated.

4. Reducing the concentration of carbon monoxide in the streets of New York. The same thing we can see in Cebu and Manila

In America, too, the environmental situation has improved. Experts attribute this to a reduction in harmful emissions, a sharp reduction in traffic, including the number of flights, and a general slowdown in economic growth. Scientists from Columbia University said that on the streets of New York, carbon monoxide was half as much, and carbon dioxide emissions were reduced by 5-10%. Transport in New York began to travel at least a third less intensively.

5. Temporary freedom of penguins in Chicago

Oceanic staff released penguins in Chicago. They lived in a closed compartment, but now that there are no visitors, penguins roam the entire Shedd Aquarium and admire exotic fish.

6. Reducing the concentration of nitrogen dioxide in the air over China

In China, usually serious problems with clean air. There is even evidence that the virus claimed fewer lives than environmental pollution. But now NASA satellite imagery shows that the air has become much cleaner, especially in industrial areas. One of the main harmful emissions is nitrogen dioxide. This caustic gas is contained in the exhaust gases of automobiles and in the smoke of factories. But due to coronavirus, production in the main sectors of the economy fell by 15-40%, while the number of flights within the country decreased by almost 70%.

7. Reduced carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of China and Hong Kong

Carbon Brief reports that carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced by at least 25% since the start of the epidemic. Professor Marshall Burke calculated that a change in environmental conditions for the better over the past 2 months has had a positive effect on public health. Mortality among children under five years of age decreased by 4000 cases, and among older people over 70 years old recorded 70,000 deaths less than in the same period last year. In Hong Kong, which is located next to China, residents are also happy with the fresh air. Its quality has improved significantly, because the level of pollution has fallen by more than 30%.
Researchers believe that the largest reduction in carbon emissions will occur in May. The last time a similar situation was observed in 2008-2009, then the global economic crisis erupted. When the pandemic is over, the plants and factories will start working again, polluting the environment, so now we have time to think in which world we want to live.

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