What to do if troubles with network | Globe and PLDT providers

What to do if troubles with network Globe and PLDT providers
What to do if troubles with network Globe and PLDT providers

What to do if there is a problem with the Internet or it’s gone

 Reboot all used routers, modems, and other network devices that have an Internet connection. Perhaps after a reboot, the conflict will not be visible. If not, add your network engine to the exceptions.

 By engine, I mean the browser, and except for a firewall or antivirus program. If the application is already on the allowed list, try removing it from the list and then adding it again. And in front of the Internet!

If issues with GLOBE or PLDT internet connection don't resolved

 Of course, this may be due to the response of the web server due to a poor connection or some kind of failure. There can be many reasons. If our advice did not help, call a specialist or call the contact center PLDT or GLOBE.

How to check internet connections

 Almost no one gets the performance on the Internet that their provider advertises. Diagnosing your Internet connection will help you. Variables make Internet speed impossible to predict, and providers advertise the highest theoretical speed possible.
If you regularly receive less than 80 percent of what the provider promised you, and the price you pay for the Internet is not surprisingly low, then you are being deceived.

Internet connection test

 But the difference between the stated speed of the provider and the real one should be quite close. If you don’t know how to check the speed of your Internet connection, then through the 2ip service you can do this quite easily ...

Rebooting the computer and router.

This is almost the simplest and the first thing you can do, by the way, many Internet providers advise just that.

Diagnostics of the Internet connection - checking the network card

Go to the device manager ⚙ and check your network card, restart if necessary, it should be active.

Conditional payment

Go to your personal account to check the balance of funds, if necessary, top up your account or take a conditional ? payment.

Another device ?

If the Internet connection does not work on one computer or it freezes constantly, and you have a second laptop or tablet, you can check how one or another service works and test the speed.

Diagnosing Internet Connection Browser Issues

Pop-up ads, transferring pages from one to another, third, asks to update Adobe Flash Player, etc. It is worth trying another browser, if a typical situation goes down below ...

Wi-Fi intermittent

The Wi-Fi signal is intermittent, it is likely that your router is far from the computer, or the channel is incorrectly configured.

Try Ethernet.

If you worked on Wi-Fi, try Ethernet. If you are using Ethernet, try a different Ethernet port on the router.

Network cable check

Checking the cable, if there is a cable at home or a cat, check the integrity of the wire, or change the cable, focus on the RG 45 connector is it worth it?

Many connected gadgets.

If you have a 2-story house, 7 rooms and each have one computer, and they all watch online, then try turning off the rest and checking your speed on your computer or at least guessing that this is the case.

Check OS - AV

Check the operating system for viruses, pay attention to traffic.

Disable Firewall

Disconnect for a while (firewall) and try to connect to the Internet again. If you can connect, then the problem is in the settings. Check ports, unlock if necessary.

Power adapter

We will not advise you to try to replace the power adapter, but as an option, which sometimes works by the way.

Firmware update

Firmware update for a router or modem. This is certainly not the first advice on troubleshooting an Internet connection, but still. Sometimes it is very handy! But this requires diagnostics.

Output router

If none of these tests solved the problem, try to get the router out of the equation by connecting the PC directly to the modem. You may need to change some network connection settings, switch from wireless to wired. If the TCP / IP packet exchange goes and you go online you need a new router and, accordingly, settings.

Diagnostics of the Internet connection, but the matter is in the modem!

If the matter is a modem, then of course you need to think about replacing the modem. Your ISP may provide you or you will have to buy it yourself. If you choose a later and unsure route, buy at a store with a good return policy and save all packaging materials.

Internet provider to blame

If none of these tests solves your Internet problem, now you can safely blame your Internet provider. If they cannot or do not want to fix this, consider changing your ISP.

Call an Internet specialist

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