How people have fun in quarantine | obstacle course, fashion show, childbirth from orange

How people have a fun in quarantine time
How people have a fun in quarantine time

How people have a fun in quarantine time: obstacle course, home fashion show and mandarin delivery

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, quarantine has been introduced in many countries to prohibit leaving home without urgent need. What to do in isolation, everyone decides for himself. Some return to old hobbies or arrange flash mobs, while others simply fool around and go crazy. Gathered funny examples from Twitter.

Someone helps to survive isolation, especially if it is something unusual.

You can also take birth in a mandarin.

And you can make an improvised obstacle course at home.

Or arrange a home fashion show.

There are also those who are instructing on the dangers of COVID-19 for their cats.

Also with pets you can play tic-tac-toe.

A great alternative would be a flash mob with friends.

Although many just fool around and gradually go crazy.

How do you entertain yourself? Tell us in the comments.

How people have fun quarantine obstacle course fashion show childbirth from orange
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