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30 Things to do in quarantine time at home with kids, Jon Smitt
30 Things to do in quarantine time at home with kids

Things to do in quarantine at home with kids: 30 tips for parents

 Forced parents being forced out of work turns out to be a dilemma: what to do in quarantine at home with their children? What to do so that they do not get bored, and time was used to the benefit of the whole family. For children, of course, such an unplanned vacation is a joy, but some adults will also have to work at home. In addition, going with a child to a movie theater, circus or to a development center will not work due to restrictions on visits to crowded places. How to entertain a child while working at home and how to spend quarantine time with benefit?

Make a Plan for all quarantine days

 Usually children relax when they have to sit at home and not go to school (kindergarten). Whether it's a regular weekend or such a forced vacation. So that children do not get bored, do not stick around from corner to corner, or even worse - do not stick to gadgets, make a plan with them for all activities and activities that they would like to diversify their days with. Design and draw a calendar for every day. Name the days somehow unusual. For example, “Day is the other way around”, when you can do everything upside down: put on clothes backwards, walk backwards, talk, rearranging syllables ...

Things to do at home in quarantine with your children

 Joint pastime is not only walks in the country. Together with the child, parents can do:

- reading books;

- creativity (drawing, crafts, hobbies);

- examination of Wimmelbuchs - books with small drawings on which to find heroes or various objects;

- reading magazines with crosswords,

- puzzles,

- riddles and mazes;

- painting pictures by colors with numbers;

- the creation of embroidery paintings;

- board games for the whole family;

- folding puzzles;

- "Burying" and tracing of treasures according to home-made cards;

- composing and writing fairy tales and funny stories;

- making DIY handmade gifts for relatives and friends;

- active games (blindfolds, hide-and-seek, playing the ball or with a hoop, tag);

- gymnastics or fitness (exercises on the gymnastic ball, and if there are a sports home complex, then on the bar, rings, rope, ladder);

- watching and discussing cartoons and fairy tale films;

- computer cognitive games;

- cutting pictures from old magazines and creating collages.

Do not forget about studying!

 Quarantine is not a reason to start your studies and classes! After all, parents work online, so why should children have a rest? To make the child more willing to-do tasks and lessons (which are likely to be given even with distance learning), invite him to complete them at the same time as the parents working remotely. If the child is still small and does not go to school, he will be interested in classes in one of the online programs that parents will choose to their taste on the Internet. In addition, preschoolers with great pleasure perform tasks from teaching materials to prepare for school. For the kid to spend time with benefit while mom or dad is working, it will be a great idea to invite tutors in a foreign language, music, and painting at home.

Home care is a fun pastime

What to do in quarantine at home with children?
Children, if they are not very small, may very well help mom in household chores. And this work (after all, there is no need to rush anywhere!) Is not necessary to do in one day. So the kids will be even more interesting. They will immediately feel older and more responsible if mom allows them to:

- do the cleaning (not necessarily the general one);

- make out things in cabinets;

- clean up bookshelves;

- help in preparing dinner;

- load the washing machine with dirty laundry;

- iterate over rice;

- make out small things in drawers of tables;

- clean up the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets;

- transplant plants and flowers;

- to invent and create a new house for a cat (dog, hamster);

- sort children's things and toys, put them in bags and help take them to the orphanage.

Quarantine - time for a new hobby

Children are all fidgets, even introverts. They cannot concentrate on one thing for a long time, although many have hobbies that correspond to temperament. Some people like to cross stitch or bead work (and even boys!), While others feel great on a basketball court or on a soccer field with a ball (and even girls!). But there is no constancy. Children want to do everything at once. Try to captivate the child with an activity that he had long wanted to try, but there was no time for this. Then both he and you will have the opportunity for joint creativity.

Things to do quarantine time at home with children Games kids
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