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Unfortunately, the situation in the world is not the best now. Many of my friends were left without work in quarantine and are now sitting at home without money. To isolate yourself at home is good, but you need to live on something! Actually, this article is dedicated to all my relatives, acquaintances and subscribers who need to make money on the Internet today/now.

We all know how to make money on the Internet by creating your own website, but in this case it will not help us. he will begin to bring the first money only after 3-6 months but, this is a good prospect and bookmark it until better times.

What is the income for those who are at home.
Real money on the Internet or how to make money at home today there are several ways available.

1. A way to make money at home. Writing texts for sites.

There is even a profession such as Copywriter and Rewriter, which many people actually earn their money for many years. Now I’ll explain in detail who it is, how it is and what is needed for this:

Copyright is a unique content that you write from your own head. For example, you are well versed in technology, fashion, design, cars, households, have summer experience, etc. (there is a great demand for everything) You can write about it and get paid for it. In copying the main thing UNIQUENESS and even peeping content on other sites is impossible.

They pay more for copyright, but this is a bit more complicated than rewriting (about it below). For example, for an article like this that you are reading right now you can earn +-$5.

Rewrite is a unique content. You are not required to invent anything of your own, but only to rewrite the finished article in your own words, so that it does not lose its meaning, but is unique.

Paying for rewrite is not as good as for copyright, but you can also earn. For example, if you rewrite this article in your own words, you can earn $ 2-3. This time will take from 30 minutes. up to 2 hours depending on your printing experience.

At one time, I also made a living like that and it turned out at the beginning of 10-20, then $ 50-100. In a day. I always worked no more than 8 hours since it is more tiring than working as a loader. Whoever said it, I would not believe it, but here I was personally convinced. There is a lot of such work, there would be time and desire.

In order to start earning, you can register for example at the freelance websource upwork

Practical tips

Here are some tips that you will definitely need to work on a text exchange:

Write articles in MS Word. In the case of a typo, he will warn you about this, tell you where you have problems with the grammar, and if the text suddenly turns off, he will save it.
Keep track of your reputation on the exchange. Leave the work on time, try not to be lousy - your earnings depend on this.
Add to the white list of customers with whom you are pleased to work. In the future, it will be easier to find new orders.
If I missed something or you had additional questions, write in comments. Also, write about your results of work on the exchange, it is very interesting if this article came in handy for you!

2. Freelance. Here are many kinds for earning money when stay at home.

Because getting a regular job is not as easy as it seems. Often, employers limit the age of applicants; they do not accept people who are at risk (young girls and parents, people with disabilities, people who have problems with the law, people of pre-retirement age, etc.) who do not have the appropriate education or work experience.

On the Internet, this is much easier: if you know how to do something, then you will always have work. Also, you will not need to go to the office every day for a certain time, spend time on the road, buy clothes, put yourself in order and so on: you can work at night right on the couch, if it is so convenient for you.

Of the minuses of such work, we can distinguish:

Lack of sick leave and paid leave. If you are not officially settled, then no one will pay you for nothing, so in case of illness you will not receive insurance payments.
If you do not pay taxes, then you will not be considered a seniority. Accordingly, you need to consider a strategy for obtaining passive income when you reach a certain age.
You will need to independently organize the work process and motivate yourself. This is quite difficult for many people: they are used to having a boss over them who makes them work, that they have to work from 9 to 18, and in freelance (remote employment), in fact, nobody controls you.
Earnings online will be a good option for people who live in villages, small and depressed settlements, where everything is difficult with work. Moreover, your earnings on the Internet are not limited at all: you can perform some simple tasks, getting 2-4 dollars a day, or master a popular specialty and work remotely, getting 2-4 thousand dollars a month. It all depends on you, and you need to understand that there will be no freebies, and you won’t earn a lot of money right away. Here you can earn on calls, consultations, online training and much more ...

3. Performing various small tasks

This can be clicks on ads, clicks on specific links, placing likes, solving captcha and more. Such work does not require qualifications, only free time and perseverance. But let’s say right away that you won’t be able to make money this way. Yes, it’s possible to click on a hamburger or topping up a mobile for a certain time in this way, but this is a futile direction and spending precious time.

4. How can I make money on the Internet: blogging and making money on social networks

Its meaning is that you create some interesting content, other users of blogs or social networks subscribe to you, and then you begin to advertise goods or services.

Note! Such earnings can bring a good profit, but you will need to spend time creating content, recruiting subscribers and searching for advertisers.

Earnings on social networks is quite comparable to a regular salary: having several well-developed accounts and groups, you can easily earn $ 400-800 without leaving your home.

5. How to make money at home: computer games

If you are fond of games, then you can make good money on them. The principle can be different: some “pump” accounts to customers so that they start playing not from scratch, but from a certain level or with the necessary things, others earn gold or other game currency on them, while others sell rare items or weapons.

Note! You can also get a good profit if you stream the passage to special services and get a donate, if you create reviews on games and give your recommendations.

Some professional players participate in competitions, the main prize of which is a cash reward. For example, professional teams in Counter Strike or DOTA, in case of victory, received prizes of several hundred thousand and millions of dollars.

Tips how to earning money stay at home

Basic rules and requirements for such work. You will need a computer or laptop, as well as a permanent Internet connection.

There are options for making a profit from mobile phones and tablets, but, as a rule, this is only an auxiliary way of income, and you should not consider it as the main one.

Next, you should decide on the following nuances:

Decide what requirements you put to work, what are your strengths and weaknesses, what exactly do you like and dislike. Remember - if you want to achieve success, then you should be engaged in a business that you like. If you like a team, if you need constant communication, then working at home will not suit you.
Think about how much time you can devote to training and work. If you already work in a regular position, then try to spend at least 1 hour a day on your studies. If you get more, then do more. And remember that it is better to study and work 1 hour a day than skip two weeks, and then do it for 15 hours. Create a training schedule for yourself, and then, when orders go, follow them in sequence.
Create your own financial plan. Decide what income per hour of work suits you at the initial stage, which you would like to receive in a year or two, having gained experience. Think about what kind of salary on the network suits you so that you can give up your usual work and go to home mode.
Gather information about how people make money online, how the process proceeds, what they pay for, how they pay, how they can withdraw money, whether they need to pay taxes and more. You must understand how this works so as not to run into difficulties at every step.
Decide which area of ​​activity you are interested in and how you can make money without investing with your skills. If you do not have special skills, then they can always be developed. On Youtube you will find video tutorials and recommendations on any issues, you can also simply read information about the profession, download the necessary books, etc.
 Explore freelance sites and see which orders they place, what skills you need and which ones you don’t have. Surely you will need to learn something new - do it at least an hour a day, and after a month you will be able to do much of what you could never have before.
Take orders. First, you can take generally free to leave feedback about you or you just trained. Then set a competitive price and execute them. Constantly learn and develop, master new areas and gain skills, and very soon you will be able to raise the price of your services by 2-3, or even more times.
The main thing in all this is to act consistently and not to stretch the process for several months. Many novice freelancers believe that they need to ideally learn some direction, and learn for years, without starting to complete orders.

This is an erroneous practice: it’s better to take orders, to understand what employers require of you, to master precisely the relevant areas and receive remuneration for their services as an incentive. Otherwise, all this can drag on indefinitely.

Which one to choose? Only you decide!

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