The Lapu-Lapu, Philippines lockdown protocol for community quarantine time

The Lapu-Lapu, Philippines lockdown protocol for community quarantine time, Jon Smitt
The Lapu-Lapu, Philippines lockdown protocol for community quarantine time


WHEREAS, on March 8, 2020, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte issued Presidential Proclamation No. 922, which placed the Philippines under a State of Public Health Emergency;

WHEREAS, on March 10, 2020, the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) health event as a pandemic;

WHEREAS, the Philippines, by virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 929 Series of 2020, is placed in a State of Calamity for a period of six months due to the rising cases of COVID-19 in the country;

WHEREAS, as of March 24, 2020, there are already 558 confirmed cases of COVID-19 deaths with 35 fatalities in the Philippines;

WHEREAS, the Department of Interior and Local Government has issued Memorandum, Circular No. 2020-062 dated 21 March 2020 entitled “Suppletory LGU Guidelines on the Implementation of Enhanced Community Quarantine in Luzon, And State of Public
Health Emergency in Other Parts of the Country Due to the COVID-19 Threat”;

WHEREAS, Section 16 of the Local Government Code mandates Local Government Units to promote the general welfare of the people by promoting health, safety, morals and well-being of the people;

WHEREAS, there is a need to put the City of Lapu-Lapu under an enhanced community quarantine to implement stringent measures to prevent the spread of the disease;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, JUNARD “AHONG” Q. CHAN, Mayor of the City of Lapu-Lapu, and by the virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby order:

State of Enhanced Community Quarantine is hereby declared and implemented in the City of Lapu-Lapu from 12:01 AM of March 29, 2020 (SUNDAY) to 11:59 PM of April 14, 2020 (TUESDAY) unless sooner lifted or extended by a subsequent executive order.

SECTION 2. ENHANCED COMMUNITY QUARANTINE GUIDELINES. During the period of the quarantine, the following guidelines shall be strictly complied, to wit:


1. All Lapu-Lapu City residents are placed under home quarantine to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and reduce risk of exposure and transmission.

2. All residents are directed to stay at home during this period. As a general rule, no one is allowed to leave their homes.


The following persons, whether residents or non-residents of Lapu-Lapu City allowed to leave their respective homes or enter Lapu-Lapu City during the period of the enhanced community quarantine:

1. Medical/health workers and personnel, who will report for work Will
outside Lapu-Lapu City, or an employee working for an exempt business establishment as specified in this order including one (1) member of the family/household who will transport them to and from their workplace, provided that:

a. The employee shall bring his/her identification card and certificate
of employment;

b. The family /household member shall bring a quarantine pass issued by the barangay where he/she resides.

2. Those who are working in establishments outside Lapu-Lapu City, whether in the private or public sector, provided that they will present the following:

a. Valid company ID showing the address of the employer and
residence; and

c. Provided further, that the employee will be responsible for their own
mode of transportation considering that there is suspension of public
transportation during the period.

d. Those who will undergo medical check up, treatment, or procedure,
provided that only 1 member of the family/household plus a driver may accompany the patient, provided that the household member shall present an ID and quarantine pass.

4. A member of the family/household who will purchase food, medicines, groceries and necessary home supplies. A household member shall present a quarantine pass;

5. Olango Island residents who will conduct fishing activities;

6. Residents working at the Mactan Cebu International Airport;

7. All residents of the Municipality of Cordova, who will traverse Lapu-Lapu to and from their workplaces should present a company ID or certificate of employment, and those who will purchase essential goods in Lapu-Lapu City who should present a quarantine pass issued by the Cordova municipal or barangay local government.

8. Any person, who will undergo a medical procedure or treatment in a
hospital or medical facility in Lapu-Lapu City.

9. Medical service officials, personnel, staff:

a. All DOH officials and staff;
b. All health service personnel stationed at LGU health facilities;
c. All Philippine Red Cross vehicles bearing the Red Cross logo and
staff with Red Cross IDs;
d. Core staff from the World Health Organization and its regional
e. Doctors and their drivers;
f. Hospital staff and employees including janitorial services;
g. Medical professionals and other employees;
h. Private care givers.

10. Emergency responders from any of the following:

a. Bureau of Fire Protection;
b. Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office
c. Department of Social Welfare and Development
d. Barangay Health Emergency Response Team (BHERTs)
e. Local government officials and their staffs

11. Security service personnel:

a. Philippine National Police;
b. Armed Forces of the Philippines
c. Philippine Coast Guard;
d. Bureau of Jail Management and Penology;
e. National Bureau of Investigation:

f. Bureau of Quarantine
g. Bureau of Customs
h. Philippine Ports Authority
i. Cebu Ports Authority
j. Company security officers and security guards;
k. Force multipliers (barangay officials and tanods)
l. Bantay dagat members

12. Traffic enforcers

13. Members and employees of the judiciary;

14. Prosecutors and lawyers of the public attorney's office;

15. Employees of Lapu-Lapu City Government provided that shall present a certification or special pass or government ID;

16. Funeral service employees and family of the deceased;

17. Those working in an exempt business establishment as specified this order;

18. Members of the media;

19. Emergency rescue vehicle with their personnel;

20. Delivery personnel;

21. Persons transiting to the airport for employment or travel purposes provided with a confirmed booking or plane tickets or other relevant document ;

22. Boatmen of pumpboats traveling to and from Olango Island;

23. Other persons as may be exempted by the Mayor.

24. Persons allowed to leave their premises shall wear face masks and may use their private vehicles.

25. Households with a deceased family member are allowed to hold a wake and funeral service. During the wake, social and physical distancing shall be implemented and there shall be not more than 20 persons at a given time. Gambling shall strictly prohibited during the wake. Furthermore, during the funeral, strict social and physical distancing shall be observed
VI. Banks, pawnshops, and lending or financing institutions;

VII. Animal feeds suppliers;

VIII. Food establishments, restaurants, carenderia
only offer take out and home delivery services;

IX. Hospitals, medical clinics and laboratories;

X. Cemeteries and memorial parks;

XI. Manufacturing and processing plants of basic food products,
essential products, medicine and medical supplies:
- All food
- Essential and hygiene products
a. Soap and detergents
b. Diapers, feminine hygiene products, tissue, wipes, and toilet papers
c. Disinfectants
- Medicines and vitamins
- Medical products such as:
a. PPEs
b. Mask, gloves,
c. Others

XII. Money remittance and foreign currency exchange establishments;

XIII. Power, energy, water, IT and telecommunication supplies and facilities;

XIV. Water refilling stores including deliveries;

XV. Funeral parlors;

XVI. Gasoline stations;

XVII. Logistics service providers (cargo handling, warehousing, trucking, freight forwarding and shipping lines);

XVIII. Delivery services transporting only food, water, medicine, fuel, LPG, butane, and other basic necessities;

XIX. Garbage haulers and waste disposal services;

XX. Pumpboats providing transportation to and from Olango Island;

XXI. Establishments within the Mactan Cebu International Airport
including its contractors.

XXII. Export and business process outsourcing companies shall be
allowed to operate upon the issuance of a special permit by the
Office of the Mayor subject to the requirements specified in this

4. An employee of an exempt business establishment shall present a valid company ID and a certification issued by the company that they are operating during the period of enhanced community quarantine.

5. All exempted business establishments shall strictly implement the
following measures:

I. Practice social/physical distancing. Each customer shall observe a
distance of at least 1 meter apart;
II. Conduct body temperature check prior to allowing customers to
enter its premises.
III. Provide alcohol or sanitizers or designate hand washing stations
within its premises,
IV. Limit the number of customers entering its premises at any given
time. Establishments shall place chairs for customers who are
waiting for their turn to enter their premises.
V. Close the business establishment every 08:00 PM except those
establishments authorized by law to operate for 24 hours;

6. In addition to the mandatory precautionary measures, export and business
process outsourcing companies shall comply with the following
requirements for the issuance an exemption order:

I. Operate with a skeletal workforce, which is 30% of its total
workforce or 1,000 employees whichever is lower;
II. Implement work-at-home schemes or alternative working

III. Provide temporary accommodations for non-residents of Lapu-Lapu City under strictly controlled environment;

IV. Provide shuttle service for workers, whether resident or non-
resident of Lapu-Lapu City, following social distancing and
sanitation protocols as follow:
- pick up area shall be within company premises;
- Door-to-door shuttling of employees;
- Fixed seat assignments;
- Daily thermal scanning and provision of face masks and hand
sanitizers or alcohol;

V. Employees shall wear their IDs at all times and shall not be allowed
to stay outside the company or the ecozone premises to wait for

VI. Implement strict sanitation protocols prior to entry into the company premises including accomplishment of a daily health declaration;

VII. Conduct routine cleaning and sanitation of the facility;

VIII. Designate a company safety officer to monitor compliance to the
requirements mandated in this order;

IX. Prepare and submit their business contingency plans

X. Designate an isolation room for employees who are exhibiting
influenza-like symptoms;

XI. The city shall designate an inspection team to check compliance of the requirements mandated in this order. Failure to comply with any
of the requirements or guidelines is a ground for a revocation of the special permit.

7. Trucks and delivery vans for food, water, medicines, medical supplies, and the like are exempted from the truck ban.

8. A company not covered by the list of exempted establishments may request for an exemption from the business closure by submitting a request letter from the Mayor and compliance with requirements as may be imposed by the Mayor.


1. There shall be a 24-hour curfew in the city during the period of enhanced community quarantine.


1. There shall be a 24-hour liquor ban in Lapu-Lapu City during the period of enhanced community quarantine.

2. The ban shall include the selling and drinking of liquor in both public and private areas.


1. While the City Government remains functional during the period of
enhanced community quarantine, all non-essential personnel are directed to comply with the strict home quarantine guidelines.

2. The City Human Resources Development Officer is mandated to craft the guidelines on the scheme that will include work from home, skeletal workforce per office and those who are categorized as front line and essential services that will report to the City Hall on a daily basis and thus exempt from the home quarantine. The scheme and staffing pattern shall be effective immediately.


1. Any type of mass gathering, including religious activities, in any area of Lapu-Lapu City shall be strictly prohibited during the period of enhanced community quarantine.
2. Ball games of any type shall also be prohibited.


1. Sea ports within the jurisdiction of Lapu-Lapu City are ordered closed to
passenger arrivals except for the following:
I. Sea port in Angasil Wharf, Hilton Wharf, Marigondon Wharf, Sta.
Rosa port but only be for trips to and from Olango Island and only
residents can enter the island;

II. Cargo deliveries of essential goods are allowed to dock in the
aforementioned seaports;

2. All bantay dagat task force in Lapu-Lapu City are reactivated and directed to ensure that the coast line of the city are closed in accordance to this executive order.


1. All forms of public transportation in Lapu-Lapu City (.e. vhires, buses, jeepneys, taxis, TNVS (Grab), motorcycle taxis, habal-habals, tricycles, trisikads, and e-trikes) are suspended during the period of enhanced community quarantine.

2. The City Government shall provide transportation for front liners, health and medical workers, workers in exempt business establishments in Lapu-Lapu City,

3. The City Government and the barangays shall also make transportation arrangements for residents, who do not have private vehicles and who needs to leave the house to buy food, medicines, or other essential transactions or procedures,

4. All city government vehicles assigned to various departments and offices are hereby recalled and placed under the control of the Office of the City Mayor. Government drivers are also mandated to report to the Crisis Management Team.

5. The city government shall deploy at least one (1) bus per barangay.

6. All private buses and shuttle services hired by any company in Lapu-Lapu City as well delivery vans and trucks shall post their company name or logo, and the product they are carrying in the windshield for easier identification.


1. All cargoes (food and non-food) within to and from Lapu-Lapu City shall not be delayed by reason of the enhanced community quarantine.

2. An invoice or purchase order or delivery receipt indicating destination, quantity of goods/cargoes shall be considered as sufficient proof of delivery in an establishment in Lapu-Lapu City.


1. Duly registered vendors of the Lapu-Lapu City public market are
authorized to leave Lapu-Lapu City to proceed to Carbon Public Market to purchase fruits, vegetables, and other essential items,

2. The Market Administrator shall issue a special pass for the market vendors to be presented at the check points.


1. The Lapu-Lapu City Government shall provide food and/or financial
assistance to indigent and affected households subject to the guidelines as may be issued by the Office of the Mayor.

2. The Lapu-Lapu City College shall be converted as temporary shelter for homeless persons and families in the city.


1. Crisis Management Team. - There shall be a Lapu-Lapu City Crisis
Management Team who will manage the day-to-day implementation of the protocols and to ensure that all possible crises will be averted, The crisis management team shall be composed of the following:
I. Over-all Crisis Manager: City Mayor
II. Crisis Manager: the over-all incident commander of the operations
and coordinate the operations for the team.
III. Assistant Crisis Manager:  a person who will assist the crisis manager.
IV. District Councilor - a City Councilor assigned with specific
barangays for his supervision, monitoring, and coordination of all
COVID-19 efforts.

V. Management Manager for Food Distribution ~ a person who will
ensure that the food packs are delivered to all beneficiaries without

VI. Management Manager for Transportation ~ a person who will
censure that transportation will be available for those who would
attend to their basic needs, for the health personnel who will be
going to and from Lapu-Lapu City and for those possible stranded

VII. Management Manager for Protocol Implementation ~ a person who will ensure that all protocols and mandate stated in the Exec
Orders are strictly followed.

VIII. Management Manager for Health ~ a person who will ensure that all protocols for ILI/SARI and COVID issued by the DOH will be
followed and that the proper referral system will be observed.

IX. Management Manager for Public-Private Partnerships - a person
who will coordinate with the private establishments in Lapu-Lapu
City for their Corporate Social Responsibility in relation to the
COVID crisis enhanced community quarantine.

X. Management Manager for Food Supply - a person who will ensure
that there will be enough food supply during the enhanced
community home quarantine,

XII. Management Manager for Government Procurement ~ a person who will ensure that the supply for essential goods and those who will be needed for quick response will be available notwithstanding the
provisions and limitations of the Government Procurement Act.

XII. Management Manager for Safety and Security - a person who will
ensure the safety and security of the Oponganons during the
enhanced community quarantine.

2. The City Mayor, as over-all crisis manager, may at his discretion add a specific management manager should there be a need for one.


1. The Lapu-Lapu City Police Office shall set up check points in designated areas to monitor the ingress and egress of people to Lapu-Lapu City and require the presentation of quarantine pass, IDs, and other required documents before allowing any person to enter or leave the city.

2. Each barangay shall also set up check points in all entry and exit areas in its respective jurisdiction to monitor the movement of its residents. Only those with a quarantine pass and valid ID shall be allowed to leave or enter the barangay.

3. Both the police and the barangays are directed to intensify roving activities 24/7 including private subdivisions to check compliance of the curfew and liquor ban among others.

Issued this 26th day of March 2020 in the City of Lapu-Lapu, Philippines.

The Lapu-Lapu, Philippines lockdown protocol for community quarantine time The Lapu-Lapu, Philippines lockdown protocol for community quarantine time The Lapu-Lapu, Philippines lockdown protocol for community quarantine time The Lapu-Lapu, Philippines lockdown protocol for community quarantine time The Lapu-Lapu, Philippines lockdown protocol for community quarantine time The Lapu-Lapu, Philippines lockdown protocol for community quarantine time The Lapu-Lapu, Philippines lockdown protocol for community quarantine time The Lapu-Lapu, Philippines lockdown protocol for community quarantine time The Lapu-Lapu, Philippines lockdown protocol for community quarantine time The Lapu-Lapu, Philippines lockdown protocol for community quarantine time The Lapu-Lapu, Philippines lockdown protocol for community quarantine time The Lapu-Lapu, Philippines lockdown protocol for community quarantine time
Lapu-Lapu Philippines lockdown protocol community quarantine time
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