Coronavirus COVID-19 self-isolation | 10 really cool things you can do when stay at home

10 really cool things you can do when stay at home, Jon Smitt
10 really cool things you can do when stay at home

10 really cool things you can do when stay at home

As you know, any crisis is not only a loss, but also new opportunities. If you are self-insulated and now sit at home, do not waste time in vain. What can be done?

1. Work remotely

You are very lucky if you are now transferred to a remote site. There are 4 rules for you on how to work most effectively remotely. If not, you can try looking for a remote job. On how to find remote work, I also have material. Well, what if? Some companies are also conducting interviews on Skype.

2. Become a blogger

Any digital content is now in demand as never before! Time to blog and stream, update Instagram and record stories, shoot videos, write articles and stories, draw pictures and comics. If you have at least some rudimentary blogger, it's time to cultivate them. Just do not spread panic and false information.

3. Call or text everyone!

Without communication, it’s hard for a person, even an introvert. Therefore, write and call all relatives, friends, colleagues, former colleagues and acquaintances. Why not use video calling to see you again.

4. Have a sex

They say that by the end of the year the birth rate will rise))) "Coronavirus children" - sounds awful, but what else to call them?

5. Watch movies and TV shows

Everything that they have long wanted to see and read is now waiting for you. Films, books, TV shows ... In the news they wrote that some online cinemas and pay-TV operators have now opened free access. You can also take online tours of museums.

6. Clean the whole apartment

As a preventive measure, it is important to maintain cleanliness, and when there is time for it, even more so. I admit, my apartment has never been so clean. And there’s still a window cleaning season ahead ...

7. Personal care

Staining, manicure, pedicure, hair removal - all this is the time to start doing at home. Honestly, I don’t like to do any of this myself. However, on occasion, a girl should be able to “service” herself minimally in terms of beauty and care. Again, saving and optimizing costs.

8. Cook

But I really like to cook. And for people like me, home-cooks are now in the right period to try new recipes. Well, or to cook something beloved and tested, to invent masterpieces from what is in the refrigerator.

9. Go in for fitness

Sitting at home does not mean moving a little. From a sedentary lifestyle, immunity is weakened. Start physical activity at home. On YouTube, you can find free yoga classes, and a variety of exercises for any muscle group. You may not want to return to the gym after this.

10. Help for senior citizen

If you are young and healthy, you can offer help to the elderly or people with chronic diseases. If you know that someone at risk lives nearby, suggest going to a store or pharmacy for them. Even such small deeds can save someone's life!

really cool things you can do when stay at home
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