Symptoms of coronavirus COVID-19 day after day | Chinese doctors explain in detail

Symptoms of coronavirus day after day, Jon Smitt
Symptoms of coronavirus day after day

Symptoms of coronavirus day after day: Chinese doctors described what happens to patients and when a turning point comes

The data was published after a detailed study of the medical histories of hundreds of patients who recovered or died from COVID-19 in Wuhan
The other day, Chinese doctors, who had already announced that they had coped with the further spread of the virus in China, described in detail how the disease proceeds, relying on their personal experience and monitoring recovered or deceased patients from Wuhan. The message of doctors has already been distributed by such large world publications as the Daily Mail and Buisiness Insider. We give their conclusions.

1-4 day. In the early days of coronavirus infection, the main symptoms of the diseased are fever, which was observed in 99% of patients. Some have a dry cough, muscle pain. A small number of people might have nausea and diarrhea a day or two before.

At the same time, doctors warn: the onset of the disease can be almost asymptomatic or proceed in a very mild form. That is why many people think that they have just caught a cold and their symptoms do not signal anything serious.
5-6 day. It becomes difficult for the patient to breathe. Especially for older people who have chronic health problems. In particular, with the upper respiratory tract.

7 day. In some patients, breathing may become even more difficult. Such people urgently need to see a doctor. At the same time, doctors note that in the majority (about 85%) of patients, the symptoms during this period were either smoothed out or noticeably weakened.

Therefore, the government asks those who live with the infected person to stay home for 14 days. These — symptoms — begin when the first person becomes ill.

8−9 day. Patients who have severe infections, and about 15% of these, began to show signs of acute respiratory distress syndrome. This means that the lungs are no longer able to properly supply vital organs with oxygen.

10-11 day. Patients are transferred to intensive care, they need emergency care, and abdominal pain is also added to the above symptoms. Studies have also shown that then people stay in the hospital for about 10 days.

12 day. Patients whose body turned out to be strong enough, and the help of doctors - timely and correct, begin to recover, the temperature gradually decreases and over the next days the person is actively recovering.

17 day. By this day, those who recovered were usually discharged, that is, after about 2.5 weeks of illness.

Doctors also pay attention to the fact that coughing is a secondary symptom. And many of those who recovered have been coughing for quite some time. Their shortness of breath stopped almost two weeks after being discharged from the hospital.

In general, the recovery period took an average of 22 days, and most patients who could not be saved died on day 18.

Symptoms coronavirus COVID19
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