Taho vendor killed with unidentified person.

Killed taho merchant recognized; family looks for equity, bids for witnesses' assistance, Hezel
Killed taho merchant recognized; family looks for equity, bids for witnesses' assistance

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CEBU CITY, Philippines — "He was only a taho merchant who needed to help the fantasies of his sibling."

This was the way a troubled Charie Santa Maria, 43, portrayed her nephew Peejay Mabaga, 27, the taho seller who was shot dead in Barangay Cogon Pardo on Thursday, February 13, 2020.

Santa Clause Maria said this as she advanced for observers to approach and assist them with getting equity for the merciless demise of Mabaga.

At the hour of his passing, Mabaga was then a unidentified shooting injured individual.

Yet, when Mabaga's taho provider found out about the executing of a unidentified taho seller, he visited the Pardo Police Station on February 14 and recognized the body to that of Mabaga.

The taho provider was additionally the person who educated the family about Mabaga's passing, who raced to the Saint Francis Funeral Homes to check the personality of the dead taho merchant.

Police Senior Master Sergeant Julito Elarcosa, specialist of the case, revealed to CDN Digital beginning examination indicated that doubtlessly Mabaga was confused with a police resource, which could be lethal in the region, whom Elarcosa portrayed as a spot supposedly known as a "fort for crooks."

Santa Clause Maria disclosed to CDN Digital in a meeting portrayed his late nephew.

"Kind. Persevering. Bashful... he was making a better than average showing, he didn't merit it," said Santa Maria in Cebuano about his nephew's destiny.

She said that her nephew had no record in the police and had not been in any contention with anybody since he landed in Cebu two years prior from Manila.

Mabaga was initially from Santa Ana, Manila and he moved to Cebu to locate a superior future.

Santa Clause Maria said that Mabaga from the outset worked in her little slow down in the Barangay Mantuyong showcase in Mandaue City.

He later chose to fill in as a taho merchant to win more salary to help his more youthful sibling, Perry, who was a subsequent year building understudy in Cebu Technological University.

In the midst of cries of distress, Santa Maria wanted that Mabaga would be given equity for his passing.

Also, this could equity would be accomplished if an observer would approach and assist them with distinguishing the suspect.

Thus she again made her intrigue for observers to support them.

Elarcosa, as far as concerns him, additionally empowered observers or even inhabitants in the region to let them know, the police, about any data about the executioner, who was seen during the shooting to have been wearing a red shirt.

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