Coronavirus in China | Hospital In the China was built in 2 days

Hospital In the China was built in 2 days, Jon Smitt
Hospital In the China was built in 2 days


Coronavirus in China: a hospital was built for patients in 2 days
In the Chinese city of Wuhan.
 On January 28, a hospital was opened for the treatment of 2019 nCoV coronavirus infected.

The buildings were built in 48 hours and launched urgently. They are designed for 1 thousand patients, reports the Daily Mail.

A land plot of more than 25 thousand square meters was allocated for construction in the city. The city authorities said that the project was completed within 48 hours thanks to the joint efforts of employees of construction companies, utilities and representatives of the paramilitary police.

Authorities quarantined the city. Currently, entry and exit from Wuhan is prohibited.

However, quarantine has been introduced in 14 cities in China. Tourists were advised to leave the country.

Since pneumonia of a new type is transmitted not only by airborne droplets, but also by contact, it was decided to build a separate hospital for those infected.

The Chinese authorities said that it would take them at least a week to build a hospital, but the first building was built in just 16 hours.

48 hours after the start of construction, the hospital began its work.

On January 28, the hospital had electricity, running water and Internet. Already today, the first patients were delivered to the institution.

The clinic is ready to receive about a thousand patients. Meanwhile, more than 6 thousand people in China became infected with the coronavirus, many of them do not need hospitalization, since the disease is almost asymptomatic.

Coronavirus China Hospital built 2 days
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