Samsam acknowledges President Duterte's announcements as a 'challenge'

President Rodrigo Duterte refers to Talisay City as a spot where illicit medication exercises keep during his discourse at the Sinulog Grand..., Hezel
President Rodrigo Duterte refers to Talisay City as a spot where illicit medication exercises keep during his discourse at the Sinulog Grand Showdown at the Cebu City Sports Center on January 19, 2020.

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CEBU CITY, Philippines – Talisay City Mayor Gerald Anthony 'Samsam' Gullas guaranteed people in general, particularly his constituents, that their nearby government is giving a valiant effort to annihilate the issue on illicit medications – a worry he himself conceded, has been a problem that needs to be addressed in this southern Metro Cebu city.

"Regardless of the President's profession, I guarantee our constituents that we are not lethargically overlooking these issues," Gullas said.

Gullas discharged his announcement on his authority Facebook page after President Rodrigo Duterte by and by raised the unlawful medication issue in Talisay City in a discourse during the last's visit in Cebu on Sunday, January 19, 2020, for the Sinulog Festival 2020.

In his post, the chairman likewise said he acknowledged the President's ongoing declarations as a test for Talisay City "to proceed with its persevering war against illicit medications".

"We will accept our Presidents professions as a test and like his organization, our crusade against illicit medications will be determined. We bolster you, Mr. President," he said.

Gullas conceded in his post that the issue on illicit medications in Talisay City – Cebu City's neighboring inferior city in the south – has been a weight.

"This issue has been a weight to the City, even before my time as chairman," he included.

The President previously hauled Talisay City's medication issues in 2018, and even went the extent that denouncing a few police authorities as medication coddlers. This came about to a patch up in the city's whole police power with the exception of its central what then's identity was Police Major Marlou Conag.

"At the point when my granddad was chairman in 2018, our whole police headquarters' faculty must be patched up aside from the police boss after the President declared that cops alloted in our City were polluted with illicit medications," Gullas said.

In 2018, Talisay City is going by Gullas' granddad, previous Talisay City Mayor Eduardo Gullas Sr.

Be that as it may, the more youthful Gullas included that the specialists are putting forth a valiant effort to do about it.

"From that point forward, our war against unlawful medication dealers and providers in the city have been persevering," he said.

To represent his point, the chairman listed late achievements, for the most part made by the Talisay City Police, on battling unlawful medications, for example, the activity directed a week ago that prompted the capture of 43 medication characters, the capture of 10 more on January 18, 2020 in which P2.6 million worth of illicit medications were appropriated, to name a few.

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