How to choose gifts and toys for a children

How to choose gifts and toys for a children, Jon Smitt
How to choose gifts and toys for a children

Gifts and toys for children this is a little magic in their life.

 For every holiday, loved ones strive to flood children with toys, books and souvenirs. How to choose a gift for a child so that it brings him joy and benefit?
The first thing to consider when looking for a gift is the age of the child to whom it is intended. The gift should be interesting, understandable and needed by the addressee. A one-year-old baby is unlikely to appreciate gold earrings - she will be more attracted to cubes, and a teenage girl will most likely look at a doll or a toy bag with bewilderment.
 After a year, you should focus not only on age, but also on the sex of the child. Of course, there are enough unisex toys: kits for creativity, soft toys, designers, blocks, books, but manufacturers almost always try to paint things designed for girls in pink and blue or green for boys. In addition, there are traditionally "girlish" (dolls, children's dishes, doll strollers) and traditionally "boy" toys (cars, soldiers, weapons). With age, the gap between gift preferences in children of different sexes only widens.

 The nature and preferences of the child should have a significant impact on the choice of presentation for him. Active children will be delighted with a new bike or ball. Little "professors" will be happy to read a new book. Fans of drawing will love the creativity kit or the large packaging of felt-tip pens.

 Do not forget about the wishes of the children themselves. Even a three-year-old baby is usually able to say what he wants at least in general terms, and schoolchildren probably have a whole list of “want” in their head, or an online wish list. Parents do not have to ask about the future gift directly - often a subtle hint or just attentiveness in a conversation with the child is enough to find out the necessary information and prepare a surprise with the long-awaited “stuffing”. It is undesirable to give “useful” things - clothes, stationery to the school, presenting a compulsory purchase as a gift and a desire to make it nice.
Gift choice for children of different ages

Gifts and toys for kids 0-3 years old

 The main requirement for all gifts intended for babies is their safety. Refuse the toy if it has unstable paint, small or sharp details, an unpleasant smell - because the baby will pull everything into his mouth. Two or three year olds, of course, have already learned to know the world not only for taste, but can still swallow beads or cut themselves with bursting poor-quality plastic.

 In the early years, children actively learn the world, and toys help them in this. Choose for your baby not just a beautiful buzz, but a toy that develops tactile sensations, eyesight, logic, etc. Rattles, developing rugs, textile toys with various fillers in the legs, a little later - cubes, pyramids, sorters from simple to complex, simple puzzles, bright books with cardboard pages.

 Be sure to consult your baby's parents - perhaps they don’t really need a specific toy or, on the contrary, you have already looked after in triplicate. In addition, the child may be allergic to specific materials or, for example, parents still want to protect him from soft toys, in which such a popular allergen as house dust will probably accumulate.

Gifts and toys for children from 3 to 10 years old

 From two to three years old, children begin to actively express their desires, which are worth listening to when choosing a gift. Listen better and try to minimize the order at your discretion. For example, if a girl wants Barbie, and she is given a large talking doll with closing eyes or a collection of porcelain doll, she can be upset by such a gift, even if it was much more expensive and was more beautiful than ordered - because in her dreams she was already the mistress of Barbie, she planned, how it will play with her at home and with friends.

 The older the child, the more specific his wishes and preferences become, so if you want to please him, carefully study his interests.

Gifts and toys for kids from 10 to 14 years old

Adolescents have a keen desire to maintain their own status in the team, and most often its external indicator is the possession of specific things. A modern phone, player, computer, fashionable clothes and pocket money are much more important for most of them than new books and toys. When choosing a gift, be sure to take into account their opinion, since what we consider to be a good quality thing that we could only dream about at school, they may seem to be rubbish with which it is embarrassing to be seen by friends. No one calls you to fill up a teenager with fashionable gadgets at the first request, but “status” things will help him strengthen his position among his peers and increase his self-esteem.

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