Market Price: Papaya, the powerful fruit

Market Price: Papaya, the amazing organic product, Hezel
Market Price: Papaya, the amazing organic product

Benefit's of Papaya! 

CEBU CITY, Philippines — Ever wonder why placing cut green papaya in a pot of bubbling water softens meat?

That is on the grounds that this tropical natural product contains a compound called papain which separates the protein in meat.

A similar chemical is known to break down dead skin cells by going about as an amazing "exfoliator." Papaya's skin-protracting properties can clear flaws and helps and mollifies the skin.

This is the reason papaya cleanser, promoted as skin brightening item, is well known among the individuals who dream to have more pleasant and milder skin.

Papaya is plentiful in Vitamins An and C. It is high in fiber so it helps in absorption. It is utilized as a solution for obstruction in view of its high-fiber content.

In Barangay Punta Princesa in Cebu City, papaya is sold at P45 to P50 per kilo.

What amount is a kilo of papaya in your region?

Papaya Cebu Health Benefits Powerful Fruit
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