Rental Motorbikes at the Cebu, Philippines | How to choose Motorbike for your trip

Rental Motorbikes in Cebu

 You gathered on the Paradise Island of Cebu, bought tickets and planned the places you want to get to. And the obvious question arises before you: how to do this? There is public transport on the island, but so far it is not very convenient to travel, it will be expensive to constantly travel by taxi, and it is inconvenient to travel by car if you are not with a child. Therefore, the obvious solution is to rent a Motorbike. Everything happens for the first time, and our team was no exception. In Cebu, we rode Motorbikes and realized that there are no guides for a beginner on the Internet. Therefore, we will give some tips on how to rent, where to rent and, most importantly, how to drive.

Who can drive a bike and what you need to know?

 If you drive both a car and a bicycle, then you will not have problems: from the bicycle you will receive the principles of rotation, and from the car - knowledge about behavior on the road. If you know how to even ride a bicycle, we recommend that you read the rules of the road before you travel, but if you don't drive anything, you risk a lot. Without the basic principles of turning, braking and driving, you have to learn right on the street. Most likely you will not be asked for driving rights at all, but keep in mind that in the event of a serious accident, the insurance company will refuse to compensate for the damage.

Where to looking Motorbikes for rent? And which choose?

 In each city in Cebu you can find places to rent bikes. If you do not trust your local or your choice, we recommend that you look here:

Which Motorbike to rent?

 The question “which Motorbike to rent?” Depends on how many people will ride on the bike and where you plan to ride. If you constantly move together and ride along hills (for example, to the north of the island), then the more powerful the bike, the better.

The most popular models on the island of Cebu:

1. Honda pcx 155 cc 750 pesos / 1 day

2. Honda Beat - 400 pesos / 1 day

3. Yamaha n max 155 cc 650 pesos / 1 day

4. Honda click 125 cc 450 pesos / 1 day.

5. Yamaha Mio - 400 pesos / 1 day
motorbikes for rent Cebu
 The numbers on the bike indicate the size of the engine, for Honda click it is only 125 cubic centimeters, so we do not recommend taking it if you are going to ride together constantly. Yamaha n max 155 are suitable for driving together without problems.

 The cost of renting per day in Cebu starts somewhere from $6 and reaches $15, depending on the type of Motorbike you choose.

Rent Motorbike in Cebu for the first time. Reception Motorbike

 If you are doing this for the first time, the tips “turn on the engine and listen to how it works” will not be for you, you just want to quickly say goodbye to your landlord and try to ride a bike. But there are several important rules that you must follow, otherwise the problems will be when the scooter returns.

 Take a picture of Motorbike from all sides. Many times and from different angles. Even if you never scratch a bike for a week of rent, then when you return it, they will want to take money from you for scratches that have already been left by someone before you. Alas, this is due to the features of the service: many takes the bike for rent for the first time, and many of them fall and scratch the scooter. Therefore, even if nothing happened to you, you will need to prove this documented.

 Ask to show how it works. Do not be shy and see how to turn on and start the bike, how to open the trunk, how to press the turn signals.
Specify which gasoline to pour into the scooter. Check the availability of documents. Usually they are attached to the inside of the trunk or simply lie in it.

 See that the scooter has low mileage. Normal mileage is 10-15 thousand. The lower the mileage, the less worn the bike is and the easier it will be to drive.
Rubber. If you are a beginner, then it will be difficult for you to check whether normal tires or not. If you choose Motorbike in the service, then go around and look at several scooters, and if you ordered delivery in advance, then ask to send photos of Motorbike and find out about the mileage.

 The brakes. Again, if you are a beginner, then you are unlikely to understand how well the brakes work. You will understand all this during use. But here the rule applies: the lower the mileage, the better all the details of the scooter work.
Helmet. It is included in the rental price. If you need two, then ask for it. If you order a bike, and do not take in the company, be sure to check the number of helmets. Rolling helmets, however, are often old and dilapidated. If your helmet was stolen, then a new one can be bought in big cities.

 Advice: If you plan to move around the island and live in different places for several days, it makes sense to rent Motorbike only for the period that you spend in the region. For example, you will be five days in Moalboal, five in Oslob and a week in Cebu City - you do not need to rent a bike for the entire period, in each city you will find rental companies. And if you take off the whole thing, you still have to transport things in a taxi - and you get a situation in which one of your rides a bike, and the other - in a taxi with things.

 Separately, we note the issue of driving without a license. Everything will be fine until you get into a serious accident where you need to contact an insurance company. Alas, she denies those who do not have a Motorbike driving category or rights at all. Keep this in mind.

The last similar story happened recently: a tourist from Korea fell off a bike and crashed on the island of Bohol. The insurance company refused to compensate relatives due to lack of rights.

motorbikes for rent at the Cebu -

Motorbike. How it works

On the dashboard (according to the location of the buttons it is the same for all scooters) there are several buttons, we will go through all of them.

On the left side of the dipped / main beam button, the horn and the turn signal switch, on the right - the engine start button and the trunk open button.
The left handle of the bike has no functions, and the right one is spinning - this is gas.

How to go?

 To start the bike, you need to insert the key all the way, remove the footrest, turn and simultaneously press the engine start button and the brakes. Without the footboard removed, the engine will not turn on; when you stop and expose the bandwagon, the engine automatically turns off.

 To open the trunk, you need to insert the key and turn it before reaching the turn on the gas, and then press the trunk open button. One helmet is usually placed in the trunk; if you are traveling alone, then the second can be secured with a trunk lid, or hung on the steering wheel. But the latter can trigger the theft of your helmet. Feel free to take your second helmet home, because rains in Cebu are a frequent occurrence, and riding in a wet helmet is not a very pleasant experience.

How to hold hands

 Look at the locals, they always have two or three fingers of both hands on the brakes. This is the best position. With your left hand, you often have to turn on the turn signals or honk, so it’s better to leave your thumb free and not hold the handle.

 The right hand is responsible for gas, so the thumb and forefinger are always on the handle, and two or three fingers are on the brake.
The lock where you insert the ignition key can be locked: there is a hexagonal key on the back of the key, insert it into the connector and turn it: your lock is securely closed with a latch. If it is not clear, ask the landlord to show.
In the trunk, most often is the gas tank cap. About five to six liters of gasoline is placed in the tank.

I'm going. What do you need to know?

 First, we strongly recommend that you practice, and then try to ride on an undeveloped road. Feel free to stop, think, and in any case put your legs up and brake them. After a couple of hours of active driving, you will learn everything, but the first steps will be the most difficult. And do not forget: the hospitality of the inhabitants of the island of Cebu extends to the traffic - you will definitely be missed if they see that you are standing for a long time and can not turn.

 The first days you will definitely have difficulties with navigation. We recommend that you have a belt bag or a wheel mount to easily and quickly pull out your phone with a card. And we do not recommend in the first days to release one of the hands (release only the left, because the right is responsible for gas) to scratch and check the map. Better stop. If you are traveling alone, then the passenger can follow the direction, but he should not constantly hold the phone in his hands.

Always let the gas go!

 The most important advice and thought that should always be in your head: if you want to slow down, first release the gas. In general, in any situation, do not immediately grab the brakes, and first release the gas. And most importantly - do not put pressure on the brakes at the same time as gas - you risk just flying off the bike, which will stand on its hind legs.

 You decide to slow down - first release the gas, then press the brakes. Do it smoothly.

 The most difficult thing is to understand how to give gas in turns and especially turns: in such cases it is extremely easy to accidentally squeeze the throttle stick and go too fast, without calculating the trajectory of the turn, and fly into someone or something on the side of the road. Therefore, in the early days, turn slowly and in areas where there is no movement. You can just do it with your feet and practically do not help with gas.

 First difficulties: turning left and leaving cars
Right-hand traffic is in itself, so that all its slow participants are pressed to the right side. Most likely, you will go there too. All would be well, but this tactic has two enemies.

 The first is a left turn. Therefore, take a look at your route in advance and, if possible, avoid left turns at busy intersections. If you have to turn left, then advance to the left side of the strip (it's okay, the residents of Cebu will understand and go round) and turn on the turn signal.

 The second - cars and Motorbike, which unexpectedly leave the yards or move out into the yards without a turn signal. Always keep that in mind. On the very first day, when neither arms nor legs were still obeying, a car cut us in Moalboal in the same way, driving right in front of us, ignoring the traffic. We were very lucky, and we managed to slow down. After several days of stress, you can easily begin to distinguish between those who are about to move out, and before the suspicious intersections you will slow down or accelerate in advance.

Are drivers honking what am I doing wrong?

 The honkers are most often "I'm overtaking you, be careful." No rudeness, but only an indication that the car or Motorbike will now overtake you. Especially scary when you will be overtaken by a fuel truck or a bus. Continue driving at the same speed.

Turn signal

 It works simply. Swipe left - turns left, swipe right - turns right. It is important not to forget to turn it off after turning, this is done by pressing the indicator button.

 One of the beginner’s common mistakes is to forget to turn off the turn signal. Keep in mind, if you are honored and pointed with your finger, then most likely you forgot to turn it off. It happens even to those who live on the island permanently.

Bike rental

 The most important thing is to withstand the siege of the landlord, because he will not immediately believe that you did not fall. Photos will be proof of this, and he will quickly fall behind.

Major violations that police can to stop

 There are few police in Cebu, and if you move like everyone else, then you will not be interested in them. But there are basic aspects that are worth paying attention to. Always wear a helmet - this will not only save your life in a critical situation, but also save you from unnecessary police attention. On the Internet you can also find advice not to call in the stop line, this also causes increased attention of the police, keep in mind.

 What about alcohol? At your peril. One or two bottles of 0.33 liter beer will not greatly change your perception of the world. But in the event of an accident will be an aggravating circumstance.

Rental Motorbikes Cebu Philippines
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