Being rude to a woman will be arrested!

Being rude to a woman will be arrested!, Hezel
Being rude to a woman will be arrested!

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CEBU, Philippines - Arrest and vindictive focusing of ladies in the roads and open territories of Cebu City have been captured.

This was after the city board endorsed a mandate co-supported by Councilors David Tumulak and Alvin Dizon called "The Safe Streets and Public Places Ordinance of Cebu City" as per Republic Act No. 11313 or the Safe Spaces Act.

"We trust this measure will be carefully implemented once marked by the Mayor so we can help ensure an open space for all that is a crucial human right," Dizon said.

The law called "sex based inappropriate behavior" in the city and in broad daylight puts perniciously heaving, chiding or assaulting ladies, swearing, undesirable solicitations, flaunting private bodies and that's just the beginning.

These sorts of "sex based inappropriate behavior" can likewise happen in road and open minorities.

There are punishments forced on those captured based on the law.

Catcalling Street Harassment Law Cebu Philippines
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