Alice Dixson finds time to lend a helping hand to our Fellow Filipinos.

Alice Dixson finds time to lend a helping hand to our Fellow Filipinos., Hezel
Alice Dixson finds time to lend a helping hand to our Fellow Filipinos.

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It is constantly outstanding to realize how a few big names discover time to make a special effort to loan some assistance to our kindred Filipinos during disturbed occasions. Alice Dixon is one of the numerous showbiz pearls who show some kindness of gold.

The entertainer initiated a big name bowling competition two years prior to raise assets for Kalipay Foundation in Bacolod, a halfway house for youngsters who were mishandled, surrendered and casualties of human dealing. The establishment gives the kids a spot to contemplate with social specialists who show kids separated from the school in the compound where they can learn and play.

"Two years prior, when I first guested here, it was our first year to do it and we raised P250,000 for Kalipay," said Alice who was on the last place anyone would want to be of Tonight with kid Abunda a few evenings back." And then a year ago, we raised P750,000. In this way, this year , we're planning to make a decent outcome once more." obviously, it won't be a lot to want for the competition to raise all the more with the goal that numerous kids could profit by it.

"Anything that sum is a serious deal in light of the fact that in reality, it just cost P8,000 to support a youngster - to protect them, to nourish them and to instruct them for an entire year," she proclaimed.

The third Alice Dixon Celebrity Super Bowl was held as of late at the SM Megamall Bowling Center. Members had and became impact of the big name group for a day of fun, sports and philanthropy.

Other than arranging a philanthropy occasion, Alice has additionally begun her own video blog on her YouTube channel displaying the excellence of our nation. "I video blog about Philippine the travel industry since I need to show individuals na napakaraming pwedeng gawin dito sa Pilipinas not just for the  Filipinos as well as to outsiders since we caption all my video blogs so they can reach to our outsider companions."

What befell her in Cebu was gotten on record and became a web sensation when a steed all of a sudden piece Alice's chest after a steed ride. The video indicated Alice introdung the steed named Blue Moon and afterward she was cut off when the pony bit her boobs. Be that as it may, Alice focused on she wasn't harmed.

"In reality, ponies are delicate, they will never,never chomp you however kakatapos ko lang mag-ride ng pony and I didn't have a treat for the steed on the grounds that after a ride you give him a treat. Nakita n'ya yung T-shirt ko which has a verdant plan na mukhang damo so he thought ito yung treat kaya kinagat n'ya, hahaha. Later on, I understood, hindi dapat mag T-shirt na may dahon and you need to give a pony a treat."

In another video blog, Alice and Dina Bonnevie were having a discussion in a safari town in Vigan with the last telling the previous, "May pagkamaldita ka noong bata ka pa." Alice related how Dina used to 'loathe; working with her.

"I was 17 when I initially met her and afterward 30 years after the fact , eto parin kami were close, were generally excellent companions. She don't like me before in light of the fact that am in every case late in the set, since adolescent medyo tenacious. Indeed, even Mother Lily, pester aaway kami. I'm difficult and now and then I didn't get my direction, bother rerebelde ako."

She described how she needed to be late basic since she felt like a primadonna around then.

"I was doing a great deal of things and I got well known excessively quick so lumaki ang ulo ko. From that experience, many individuals got exceptionally annoyed with me. As a result of my unprofessionalism, I lost a great deal of work. Thus that showed me, ' Hoy mag-ayos-ayos ka naman diyan.'"

She acknowledged how her ex Ronnie Miranda helped her recover her feet on the ground. He's being non-showbiz really helped Alice to lean things from him. They moved to Canada where Alice figured out how to go after positions. Presently, she realizes how to arrange her own agreements, to surveys legitimate stuff and speak to herself. "I can talk honestly to somebody where my yes will be yes and no's will be no."

With her excellence, it isn't amazing why she's a definitive pound of men. Be that as it may, Alice grinned after adapting a portion of the showbiz fellow who apparently really like her and afterward she joked, "Along these lines, every one of you really like me, you are welcome to the Alice Dixson Celebrity Super Bowl."

Alex Dixson Gold of heart Cebu Philippines Celebrity
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