Sitio Buacao show some uniqueness way to welcome their new priest

A Conch Welcomes A Priest, Hezel
A Conch Welcomes A Priest

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In a remote sitio of Barangay Toong in Cebu City, the profound sound of a conch being blown from the means of the San Roque Chapel cautions the network of the appearance of a minister.

Cell phones don't work in Sitio Buacao, which is settled in the slopes of Toong. There is no sign in this piece of Cebu City.

The conch, or budyong as it is privately known, turns into the hailing instruments of the network. It is a characteristic breeze instrument.

The breeze conveys the sound of the conch, permitting those living inside the house of prayer's range of one kilometer to hear it, says church pioneer Francisca Ubana,61.

Ubana, being the house of prayer pioneer, is the essential conch blower. She has been blowing the conch for quite a while. "Dugay na kaayo" is the manner by which she portrays her residency.

As a youngster, Ubana says, she would hear the conch being passed up Gabina Econas, presently 83, to flag that their instruction class was going to start.

Neither Ubana nor Econas recollects how the conch came to Sitio Buacao and how it cames to be an instrument of their confidence.

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