Girl kidnapped or snatched only?

Girl kidnapped or snatched only?, Hezel
Girl kidnapped or snatched only?

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For a 16-year-old high school student, she wanted to be kidnapped by three people on a green multicab.

But if the police ask, the purpose of the rides is to hold the girl's cellphone.

The incident at Sunrise Village, Barangay Poblacion, Pardo, Cebu City on Wednesday evening, December 4,2019, was stirred by a social post about child abductions of people riding in a van. Police have identified no abduction or illegal seizures in Cebu and the province.

Police in Barangay Pardo were shocked when the girl told them that their is a guy who is wearing mask in the green van who is trying to kidnapped her.

The student who live in Barangay Quiot who went to Sunrise Village to follow her mother.

While the victim is walking, a van is following her.

The rider in the back came down and approached her.

"I was holding my cellphone, Sir, because I received a text and i need to  reply. Then I noticed behind me a car heading towards me," Emily said, not her real name.

The rider called her and grab her left hand, but she grab her hand again. The guy grab her hand again.

"She call me, Sir. Miss, Miss. I ask him what he wants from me? Then he grab my hand again and I held out my hand. I survived, Sir. I kick the man who grab my hand and run away from them," added by victim.

Emily is one of the varsity in karate where she study.

The officers quickly checked to check the student's allegation but the multicab was not available.

Emily's mother Marites not her real name, 45, who was contacted by Superbalita, said after Wednesday night's incident, her daughter was traumatized.

She doesn't want her daughter back home and goes to live with her grandparents.

She decides to get her daughter everyday from school since she went home alone everyday.


Investigations at the Pardo Police Station revealed that the suspects doesnt have intention to kidnapped the victim but just to get her cellphone  The suspect was also not in the van but in old multicab.

Police Major John Kareen Escober, chief of the Pardo Police Station, said they are still monitoring the CCTV cameras because the camera at the establishment near the incident is not functioning.

"What happened was the girl was walking back in. The cellphone was the interest to her as she was chatting on the way home.

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