Doctors told how to determine Lung Cancer | Look of the fingers and nails

Doctors told how to determine Lung Cancer, Jon Smitt
Doctors told how to determine Lung Cancer

Lung cancer: Symptoms, treatment, and early diagnosis

 According to scientists from the UK, cancer can be diagnosed by the condition of the fingers and nails.
Lung cancer can be identified by hand, found out by British experts. So, in 30% of cases, patients with oncology have a curvature of the fingers. By the way, a similar symptom occurs in people who suffer from heart disease.
In the advanced stages of lung cancer, your fingertips may become larger.

 Also, the state of the nails will tell about the development of the disease. As a rule, they become soft, change shape and begin to shine.

 You should immediately consult a specialist if changes in the condition of the fingers and nails are accompanied by coughing, losing weight, blood in the sputum, chest pain and fatigue.

Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer

 Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer in developed countries and the leading cause of cancer death worldwide. The cause of this disease in 85% of cases is smoking. In most patients, the disease is so asymptomatic that even with metastasis, the patient continues to feel relatively normal.

 And yet, lung cancer has its own symptoms. These include: a prolonged, ongoing cough, which at first can be mistaken for symptoms of bronchitis or influenza and which does not respond to therapy with appropriate antitussive drugs; a feeling of discomfort and pain in the chest area; shortness of breath and pain in the shoulder girdle, back, arm; sharp weight loss, not associated with diets and heavy physical activity; sometimes hemoptysis. The final diagnosis can be established by the results of an X-ray or computed tomography of the chest, and it is confirmed, in case of suspected lung cancer, through a biopsy. The long-term development and non-specific nature of the symptoms of lung cancer leads to the fact that 70% of patients learn about their disappointing diagnosis in the later stages, when the probability of achieving positive treatment results is only 12-14%.
At the same time, experienced oncologists argue that lung cancer can be detected earlier in another way - just by looking at a person’s hands.

Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer,
Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer,

Fingers are curved

 Most often, a similar pathology is associated with rheumatoid arthritis, and in most cases, this is so. However, often the curvature of the fingers in the joints is observed in people with heart and lung problems. This symptom in 30% of cases is inherent in patients with non-small cell lung cancer - the most common form of malignant lung formation (85%), and in 4% of cases - with small cell (about 14% of cases). Whatever the cause of the curvature of the fingers, it cannot be ignored.
Change in the condition and appearance of nails

 People with a developing lung tumor often experience softening of the nail plate, a change in the structure of the skin around the nail, which becomes shiny. In addition, the nails themselves begin to bend, which can also be seen with careful observation.

Finger tip enlargement

In the last stages of cancer, the terminal phalanges of the fingers of the hands in patients with lung cancer acquire a bulbous thickening. Nail plates are deformed and become like watch glasses (the same convex). This symptom is called "drumsticks" or "fingers of Hippocrates."
If these changes in the appearance of the hands are combined with a suspicious cough and other symptoms indicated above, it is urgent to visit a doctor.

World statistics on the incidence of lung cancer indicates that more than a million new cases of this cancer are reported annually (according to other sources - 1.8 million), 60% of patients die from this disease.

The article is for informational purposes and does not replace the advice of a doctor.

Doctors determine Lung Cancer fingers,nails
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