Frozen 2 2019 achieves new successes in the international arena

Frozen 2, Jon Smitt
Frozen 2

Frozen 2 2019 achieves new successes in the international arena and rushes to the billionth milestone of world fees

12/01/2019 The second weekend of "Frozen 2" in the international arena was no less successful than the first. In 45 territories, the animated sequel earned $163.8 million. The total box office after twelve days reached $451 million in international film distribution and $738.6 million worldwide. At this rate, the billionth milestone will be overcome long before Christmas. Moreover, the final results of "Frozen" have already been surpassed in 11 territories.
Of the three main premieres, the cartoon was especially successfully launched in the Philippines film distribution. According to our preliminary data, the debut box office amounted to 883 million pesos, or $13.8 million. This is the best start for animated films and exceeds the first part fees in 2013 (332.5 million pesos) by 166%. The previous record belonged to the Minions, released in July 2015 (865.2 million pesos). Among other achievements of Frozen 2, a new November record and the seventh result of the premiere weekend in history as a whole.

$8.6 million in Italy was the second result among the cartoons and the best start for Disney and Pixar tapes. $6.6 million was secured by Australia. There, the sequel made its debut 59% better than the first part. Another premiere brought $1 million in New Zealand.

On the second weekend of hire, the average size of the drop in fees was only 38%. Already, Frozen 2 is the highest-grossing animated film in history in the unaccustomed to cold Indonesia ($11.1 million) and the Philippines ($12.2 million). China secured $26.64 million with a 50% drop in fees with a total cash register of 635.06 million yuan or $90.4 million. South Korea became generous with only 33% damage (only $61.2 million). Next, in order of revenue, go Japan ($38.3 million), the UK ($35 million), Germany ($26.1 million), France ($24.7 million), Mexico ($17 million) and Spain ($10.4 million).

The criminal comedy “Get the Knives” started off excellently at the international box office. Ryan Johnson’s film, sold to various local distributors, produced $28.3 million in 53 territories. Almost half of this amount was given by China (3rd place, 94.85 million yuan or $13.5 million). The result was noticeably better than expected and predicted. Pleased with the dynamics during the weekend. The film, which gathered a very solid cast, became the second in the UK ($3.8 million), the second in Russia ($2.15 million, including the preview), the second in Australia ($1.9 million) and the third in France ($1.5 million). Next week, another 14 international premieres are planned.

The comedy "Two Tigers" took 137.59 million yuan or $19.57 million at the start of the Chinese rental. The fourth in the Middle Kingdom was earned 35.54 million yuan or $5.06 million comedy "Miss Forever." Second place in South Korea was taken by the detective drama “Find Me” ($3.18 million in 838 movie theaters). Main premiere of the Indian film distribution was the action movie Commando 3. Rough estimates give $2.8 million for the premiere weekend.

$10.2 million was added to its capital by the drama Ford vs. Ferrari (total $62.3 million). James Mangold's film has $9.25 million in Russia, $6.7 million in the UK, $6.3 million in France, $5 million in Australia, $4.1 million in Mexico, $3 million in Italy, $ 2.9 million in Germany and $2, 1 million in Spain. Next week, South Korea, Thailand, Chile and the countries of Central America will join the film distribution.

The romantic comedy “Christmas for Two” ($36.2 million total) raised $8 million in 40 territories. Among the 16 prime ministers, the main ones were French ($874 thousand), Brazilian ($600 thousand) and Spanish ($495 thousand). The ninth weekend of international rental brought $4.6 million to the Joker. In total, the assets of the Todd Phillips film are $717.3 million in international fees and $1,048.6 million worldwide. Updated data on the main countries are: $71.9 million in the UK, $46.4 million in France, $ 45.5 million in Japan, $43.8 million in Mexico, $40 million in Germany, $37.9 million in South Korea, $37, 5 million in Brazil, $32.7 million in Italy, $32.2 million in Spain, $30.2 million in Russia and $26.9 million in Australia.

We present data on several more films in one line

$3.2 million in 38 territories over the weekend, "Charlie's Angels", only $34.6 million

$2.71 million in 42 territories over the Midway weekend, total $67.3 million

$2.1 million for the weekend, including $1.2 million in Japan, Dr. Son, a total of $ 36.6 million

$1.93 million in 26 territories for the weekend "21 Bridge", only $6.1 million

$1.1 million in 48 territories over the weekend "Zombieland: Control shot", only $ 45.5 million

$600 thousand for the weekend "Everest", only $115.2 million

Frozen 2 2019
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