List of Visa-Free Countries For Philippines Passport Holder

List of Visa Free Countries For Philippines Passport Holder, Jon Smitt
List of Visa Free Countries For Philippines Passport Holder

List of Visa-Free Countries For Filipino

Some countries cannot be visited without special permission on hand. Such permission is a visa. In its absence, the trip may not take place or be postponed indefinitely.

Visa-free countries for citizens of Philippines

Most countries that open visa-free entry regimes for citizens of the Philippines are located in Asia, Oceania, South and Central America, and on the African continent.

Depending on the purpose of crossing the border and the length of stay of an individual or legal entity in a foreign country, this person is required to obtain a visa that gives permission for certain actions within a specified time.

ASEAN member countries allow citizens of the Philippines without a visa on the following conditions (to limit the number of days in the country):

Brunei - Darussalam - 14 days.
Cambodia - 21 days.
Indonesia - 30 days.
Laos - 30 days.
Malaysia - 30 days.
Singapore - 30 days.
Thailand - 30 days.
Vietnam - 21 days.
Non-ASEAN Asian countries also permit Philippine nationals to enter without a visa.

Philippine Passport
Armenia - 120 days, a visa is issued upon arrival.
China - 7 days.
Hong Kong - 14 days.
India - 30 days.
Iran - 15 days.
Israel - 90 days.
Kyrgyzstan - 30 days, visa upon arrival.
Laos - 21 days, visa upon arrival.
Macao - 30 days.
Maldives - 30 days, a visa is issued upon arrival.
Myanmar - 21 days.
Mongolia - 21 days.
Nepal - 21 days, a visa is issued upon arrival.
South Korea - 30 days.
Sri Lanka - 30 days, but Filipino should get an electronic visa before departure.
Tajikistan - 45 days, visa upon arrival.
Timor-Leste (the so-called East Timor) - 30 days, issued at the airport.
Visas to most African countries are issued at the airport upon arrival.

African continent
Cape Verde - 21 days.
Comoros - 21 days.
Djibouti - 30 days.
Gambia - A visa is issued upon arrival, but prior authorization is required from immigration.
Guinea-Bissau - 90 days.
Kenya - 90 days.
Madagascar - 30 days.
Morocco - 90 days.
Mozambique - 30 days.
Rwanda - 90 days.
Senegal - 30 days issued upon arrival, invitation required.
Seychelles - 30 days permit. There should be enough money for accommodation.
Somalia - 30 days, letter - sponsor invitation submitted 2 days before arrival.
Togo - 7 days, a visa is issued upon arrival. Yellow fever vaccination is required.
Uganda - 90 days.
Zambia - 90 days.
Central America and the Caribbean
Costa Rica - 30 days.
Nicaragua - 90 days.
Anguilla - 21 days.
Dominica - 21 days.
Haiti - 21 days.
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - 30 days.
Turks and Caicos Islands - 21 days.
Georgia - a visa is issued upon arrival. An invitation is desirable.
Kosovo - 90 days.
Visas to Oceania are issued upon arrival at the airport.

Cook Islands - 31 days.
Fiji - 120 days.
Marshall Islands - 90 days.
Micronesia - 30 days.
Nauru - 30 days.
Niue - 30 days.
Palau - 30 days.
Papua New Guinea - 60 days.
Samoa - 60 days.
Tuvalu - 30 days.
Vanuatu - 30 days.
South America
Bolivia - 90 days.
Brazil - 90 days.
Colombia - 90 days.
Ecuador - 90 days.
Peru - 183 days.
Suriname - 90 days.

What is a visa?

This is a document that provides the opportunity to cross the borders of the territory of a state. To apply for it, you need a passport. The visa in the passport looks like a sticker or stamp affixed to the page specially designed for this purpose. For registration, the necessary documents are presented at the consulate of the country where the trip is planned. Visa restrictions may change from time to time. For example, the list of necessary documents or the terms of staying on the territory of the state is changing. Such fluctuations in the rules of border crossing are observed every year. In order to keep track of innovations in visa regimes, an annually updated index of visa restrictions (or passport index) has been created. It is a rating of countries in terms of freedom of movement. This list shows which countries need to obtain a visa and find out the permitted duration of stay in the territory of a state. Criteria for choosing a vehicle for traveling abroad are not established. Therefore, for traveling by car, train, plane or for a cruise on a liner, the same visa is issued, allowing visits to a particular territory.

Four types of short-term visas are issued:

Tourist visa: issued to persons who have arrived abroad to relax and get acquainted with the sights. Does not give the right to study or work in the visited state. Visa formalities in tourism consist in the fact that you need to present return tickets and confirm the reservation of accommodation during your stay in the country.

Business visa: issued only to persons representing legal organizations. Gives the right to conduct business operations, such as attending conferences or business meetings.

Guest visa: issued to persons wishing to visit friends or relatives living in a foreign country. The host should write an official invitation.

Transit visa: issued when the trip involves a stop or transfer in a country that is not the ultimate destination of the trip. Different transit visas provide different opportunities: in some cases, the right to explore the city is given, while in others it is forbidden to go outside the airport or station or leave the liner if a cruise is being made. Some countries have visa-free transit.

Long term visas

They grant the right to stay abroad for more than ninety days for 180 days. All long-stay visas give multiple entry permits.
A long-term visa entitles the holder to visit the country several times. Commonly used varieties:

Student visa: issued to persons entering a foreign educational institution for the entire period of study. Gives the right to freely move around the territory of the state and even work the specified number of hours per week. For registration, confirmation from the educational institution about the student's enrollment and confirmation of the financial solvency of the student are required.
Working visa: issued to persons officially employed by a foreign company for the period specified in the employment contract. For registration, the employing company must provide an official invitation or an agreement concluded with a future employee.
Guest visa: issued to persons wishing to travel to friends or relatives living in a foreign country for a long period. For registration, you will need an official invitation of the host. They may be asked to provide arguments to justify the need for a long stay in the country in which permission to enter is required.

List Visa Free Countries Philippines Passport Holder
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