RADIATION DETECTED in the South China Sea near Philippines

RADIATION DETECTED near Philippines in the South China Sea, Jon Smitt
RADIATION DETECTED near Philippines in the South China Sea

Near the Philippines registered powerful underwater explosion

Conflicting information comes from the South China Sea. A day ago there recorded a powerful underwater explosion. According to preliminary data, it thundered at a depth of about 50 meters and caused a strong underwater shock wave. The power of the explosion is estimated to 20 kilotons. At coastal control points on the coast of China and on the island of Taiwan, instruments record an increase in the background radiation.

According to news agencies, American submarines are on alert in the South China Sea, so it is likely that one of them could be damaged as a result of the explosion. At the same time, the US and Chinese authorities have not yet commented on the incident.

According to Ryukyu Simpo, on Monday evening, a resident of the Japanese island of Miyako discovered a cylinder with the inscription "uranium fuel rod" on the shore. The head of Okinawa Prefecture, Dani Tamaki, turned for help to the self-defense forces. The next day, the military made measurements of radiation, but no increase in the radioactive background was recorded, RIA News reports.

Earlier in the media there was information about the explosion in the South China Sea, but there was no official confirmation of this.

RADIATION DETECTED Philippines South China Sea
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