How to choose internet provider in Cebu, Philippines | Globe, PLDT or SKY

How to choose internet provider in Cebu, Philippines, Globe, PLDT or SKY, Jon Smitt
How to choose internet provider in Cebu, Philippines, Globe, PLDT or SKY

How to choose good internet providers in Cebu between Globe, PLDT or SKY

The life of a modern person cannot be imagined without the Internet, so the problem of choosing the best service provider is relevant for everyone. How to choose an Internet provider suitable for all parameters? What is worth paying special attention to? We sort it out together and make a checklist.

Selection options

Actually, choosing an Internet provider is not so easy, because the offers of numerous providers sound beautiful and promising. But are these promises true?

So, the selection of provider between Globe, PLDT or SKY: what you need to pay attention to?

With a variety of information, the main parameters that you should focus on can be reduced to the following list:

- Type of connection
- Data Rate and Connection Stability
- Range of tariff plans
- Availability of technical support
- Type of connection

Today, connection technologies are available, such as:

How to choose an internet provider

ADSL. Internet access is via a telephone line using a modem. The advantage of the technology is that you can use the existing infrastructure to connect without additional lines. A significant minus - the connection speed is inferior to the access speed on a dedicated line.
Leased line (fiber optic on trunk lines). This option is the most advanced in terms of providing high-speed Internet access. The information is transmitted by a light signal through a cable made of glass and plastic, which ensures high data transfer speed even over long distances. It is not surprising that most Russians, given the technical ability, choose this particular type of connection.
Wireless internet (WiFi, LTE, 3G, GPRS). Access to the global network is provided using a router / USB modem / mobile phone. A significant advantage of wireless technology is its wide network coverage, so that a subscriber can connect to the Internet from virtually any location.
Satellite Internet. This technology is used, as a rule, in cases where there are no alternatives (for example, in remote settlements where there is no telephone / fiber optic line and there are problems with mobile Internet). The only advantage - access to the World Wide Web from almost any corner of the country - is offset by a number of significant disadvantages: the high cost of connection, the long server response, and the technical complexity of connecting the equipment.

Data Rate and Connection Stability

If you are not sure which Internet provider to choose, pay attention to such factors as network bandwidth. Often, operators indicate an attractively high connection speed in an advertising proposal, but this does not mean that the communication channel is always able to skip such a data stream. As a rule, the maximum speed possible with a favorable combination of factors is indicated, while the real data transfer is many times slower.

To choose a provider between Globe, PLDT or SKY, you must take into account such a parameter as the stability of the Internet connection. Only a stable connection without “breaks” can provide comfortable surfing on the Internet: viewing multimedia content, downloading files, connecting to online games. Otherwise, you run the risk of constantly losing data and being left without access to the network at the most crucial moments.

Range of tariff plans

The line of operator’s tariff plans should meet the goals and needs of different subscribers: one is enough to check mail and read the news feed, while the other is important to download large amounts of information at high speed. When choosing a tariff, focus on the connection speed (see above), the amount of traffic and the cost of services.

Availability of technical support

The work of customer support is what forms an opinion about the quality of the service provider. The responsible service provider strives to provide subscribers with round-the-clock assistance in solving technical problems. Lack of feedback from specialists, a long examination of applications - reasons to think about changing the provider.

Which provider to choose between Globe, PLDT or SKY

We return to the main question: which Internet provider to choose?
For help, you - a small checklist.
Important parameters for choosing an Internet provider
The cost of services should be optimally correlated with the quality of their provision.
The minimum connection speed should meet your needs, and data transfer should be stable.
Provider is obliged to solve technical malfunctions and Internet access problems as soon as possible.
Do not forget about the “human” factor: visit the nearest provider's office, call the support service to communicate more closely with specialists and form the final opinion about the company.

Now you know how to choose an Internet provider, and we hope that this choice will be right!


- Which provider to choose in Cebu? Globe, PLDT or SKY

Answer: When choosing any operators, be sure to pay attention to those points that are described in detail in the article.

If you need more detailed information, please leave a request on their websites or call the provider’s hotline what interests you and specialists will answer your questions and help you choose the best service package.

Rates and services of Globe, PLDT or SKY sometimes can be to change by the operators. Full up-to-date information on tariffs and services you can always see on the providers' websites or on the hotline.

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