Minor Boy 'rapes' girl he chatted on Facebook

Minor Boy 'rapes' girl he chatted on Facebook, Hezel
Minor Boy 'rapes' girl he chatted on Facebook

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Kid 'assaults' young lady met on Facebook in Minglanilla

What started online for two minors in Cebu didn't end up well in reality.

Specialists have taken authority of a 15 - year-old kid throughout the end of the week for purportedly assaulting a 17 - year - old young lady he had met on Facebook.

The occurrence purportedly occurred at around 8p.m. on November 15, 2019 at the young lady's home in the southern town of Minglanilla.

Police Senior Master Sergeant Dante Valiente of the Minglanilla Police said the two minors met on Facebook two days before the supposed occurrence and they chose to get together face to face on November 15.

The kid, an occupant of Barangay Poblacion, apparently met the young lady at the last's home in Barangay Tulay, for a "motion picture long distance race".

"At the point when they at long last met in the injured individual's living arrangement, suspect exploited by coercively having sex with the person in question," Valiente stated, citing the police report.

The young lady was separated from everyone else with the kid in the house at the time.

It was just the day after that the young lady revealed the occurrence to the police with the assistance of her sibling.

Police officers followed up on the grumbling promptly and captured the kid at his home.

"He was captured quickly during pursue - up," Valiente said.

The kid apparently conceded the wrongdoing during addressing.

"He never anticipated that that should occur," Valiente stated, alluding to the admission.

The kid is under the authority of the Minglanilla Police and, in light of the fact that he is a minor, will be turned over the Department of Social Welfare and Development while the body of evidence against him is progressing.

Source from The Freeman.

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