Registered the first illness by electronic cigarette

Registered the first illness by electronic cigarette, Jon Smitt
Registered the first illness by electronic cigarette

Breaking news: First illness by electronic cigarette

November 15, 2019, the Philippines Department of Health(DOH)  registered the first illness by electronic cigarette. A sixteen-year-old girl from Visayas was hospitalized on October 21 last year. She smoked vape along the half year. During hospitalization, the teenager needed to have oxygen and enter the ICU due to severe shortness of breath.
DOH proposes for provide the ban on electronic cigarettes because there is no evidence that vapors are safe for health.
In the Philippines uses of e-cigarettes in public places is prohibited. Violators of this rule may be detained by local authorities.
According to the Ministry of Health, about 1 million Filipinos use e-cigarettes.
Deputy Minister of Health Eric Domingo recommended that all electronic cigarette users go to the doctor to get rid of this habit.

Registered the first illness by electronic cigarette, photo-1,

What is vaping: the answers you need to know
How did vaping come about? For what? Why is there so much debate about him?

What is vaping?

Vaping inhalation of vapor vaporized by an electronic cigarette or other special device. Electronic cigarettes are battery powered devices. In the process of heating the coil and the evaporator, it turns the e-liquid (or e-juice) into steam. E-liquid (e-juice), which enters the evaporator, is a mixture of vegetable glycerin with propylene glycol, as well as with water-soluble flavors. Nicotine is not part of the composition and can be added as desired. Currently, vaping is considered one of the most widely discussed topics. He spawned some of the hottest debate in public health history; he visited the pages of literally every newspaper, they talk about him on television. Today, about 10 million Americans smoke electronic cigarettes, and about 2 million of them completely abandoned regular cigarettes. It is difficult to say what this figure will be on a global scale, perhaps about 30 million or even more. The story of the appearance of vaping is quite interesting. This is a great example of a truly free market of capitalism, a consumer reaction to a crisis in the healthcare system that the government could not solve, and a consumer-oriented revolution in the world of technology. And maybe all together! When the popularity of vaping soared to incredible heights, people began to give up smoking, and this happened as quickly as no one could imagine. But at the same time doubts arose and even fear of a new invention, which became a kind of easy target for those who want to make money on the good old panic in society.

Vaping, vapers and electronic cigarettes

Some products of this production look like cigarettes (they are also called electronic cigarettes). These are not necessarily small cigarettes, although some people prefer these. Electronic cigarettes can be like any smoking device. Sometimes they are also called a personal steam generator, mod or vaporizer. “Mod” - as the first users called their unpretentious electronic cigarettes, which they remade to make them work better. Sometimes they remade other devices (flashlights or laser pointers) into vaporizers. Large or small, disposable or not, essentially electronic cigarettes work the same way. Vaping - everyone understands it in their own way. For those who have been desperately trying for years to quit smoking, vaping can be a miracle that will improve or even save their lives. For healthcare workers - especially fierce tobacco control advocates - e-cigarettes pose a threat to the carefully crafted status quo. They believe that taking pleasure in nicotine without harm to health is the same as sinning without the risk of going to hell. Vapers are those who use electronic cigarettes. They have long discovered that flavors such as candy or fruits help to avoid tobacco cravings. The truth is that every vaper loves delicious supplements, despite the statements of politicians that this is a way to attract children to smoking. I am 57 and now I am “smoking” lemon pie. It's tasty!

Who are e-cigarettes for?

Most vapers are smokers. Some are still trying to quit a bad habit, while others use electronic cigarettes in situations where it is not possible to smoke real cigarettes. There are vapers who never really smoked, but there are only a few percents. According to the survey, smoking fell to a record low with the advent of vaping. And, despite the talk that vaping was created to attract teenagers to cigarettes, the level of smoking among young people have fallen even more strongly than among adults. Dr. Michael Siegel, a professor at Boston University, said: "The more popular vaping becomes among young people, the further it pushes away the smoking of regular cigarettes and contributes to the denormalization of the situation."
No one suggests children become vapers, but the fact remains - almost every teenager who smokes electronic cigarettes has already tried to smoke or quit smoking real cigarettes. Among vapers, the number of those who have never smoked is less than one percent. The next time you read some scary story about teenage vaping, ask who the authors wrote about. About those who smoke constantly or about those who just recently tried.

Registered illness electronic cigarette Philippines
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