The student has developed a biodegradable plastic from seaweed and fish scales.

Marinatex, Jon Smitt

Biodegradable plastic

Plastic pollution is quickly becoming one of the world's major problems. Sea animals (such as turtles) either get stuck in discarded plastic objects, or eat them and get poisoned. Plastic also affects people: almost every person in the blood contains toxic chemicals released by plastic that cause cancer, weakened immunity, and birth defects. A student from Sussex University has found an innovative solution that may solve the problem of plastic pollution once and for all. 23-year-old girl Lucy Hughes, a student at the University of Sussex, located in Britain, invented a completely biodegradable material - Maraynateks. Created from fish scales and skin, as well as red algae, Marainateks is a bioplastics that has great potential to replace the usual one.

History of creation

This original idea came to her mind during the visit of the fishing company MCB Seafoods Ltd, located in the British city of Newhaven. It was then that she saw the potential of organic waste from the fishing industry. According to Lucy, she knew that a reliable and durable material could be made from organic waste by combining it with a biopolymer - for example, red algae. Initially, Marainateks was part of Lucy's thesis, but it seems that this material has great potential. Most likely, it will appear on the mass market in the second half of 2020.

3 differences from ordinary plastic

“With the help of Marinatex, waste is becoming one of the main components of the new product. Marinatex is a strong and transparent material;“ plastic-like ”, but, unlike plastic, environmentally friendly,” said Lucy. Its strength is the same as that of ordinary plastic, but, decomposing, it does not emit toxins. In addition, the production of Marainateks is much cheaper. From organic waste of only one fish, 1400 bags can be made!

student developed biodegradable plastic seaweed fish scales Marinatex
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