China announced the start of 6G network development

China announced the start of 6G network development
China announced the start of 6G network development

China started 6G network. Technology news

The Ministry of Science and Technology of China announced that two parallel groups will work on creating 6G networks. Representatives of relevant government ministries will be included in one of them, and research institutes, companies and 37 universities will be included in the other. According to the results of research, they should submit their proposals to the Ministry of Science, reports CNBC.

At the same time, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Wang Xi admitted that the idea of ​​6G is at its infancy, and it is still unclear how to approach this issue from a technical point of view.

Meanwhile, Huawei’s CEO Ren Zhengfei announced in September about its developments on this topic. He also said that the project itself is at a very early stage, and it will take a very long time before it comes to its implementation.

In early November, China was one of the first countries to launch commercial 5G networks, including those needed to support unmanned vehicles and projects related to virtual reality. However, according to CNBC, it is still unclear exactly what effect this invention will have on world production.

The development of 5G also turned out to be one of the areas that have become the subject of disagreement in relations between the United States and China. The White House accused Huawei, which is involved in the creation of equipment for these networks, of a threat to national security and demanded that US companies not cooperate with the Chinese manufacturer. Huawei itself categorically rejects all allegations against it.

China was not the first country to start developing 6G networks. Earlier, the study of the prospects of this technology was undertaken by the 6Genesis group at the University of the Finnish city of Oulu.

China announced start 6G network
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