Apple warned of disconnecting older iPhone models from the Internet

Apple warned of disconnecting older iPhone models from the Internet
Apple warned of disconnecting older iPhone models from the Internet

Apple warned of disconnecting older iPhone

Apple warned the owners of older iPhone and iPad models about the need to update the operating system to the latest available version of iOS, otherwise from November 4, they will lose the opportunity to access the Internet. This was reported on the company's website.

We are talking about devices released before 2012. The need to update the OS arose due to the GPS modules built into smartphones and tablets. Every 19 years they need to be rebooted, otherwise there will be a failure, which will lead to problems with access to the Internet. The App Store, iCloud, email, and site search may also stop working.

It is noted that crashes can occur in the iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPad mini, iPad 2. The company said that it is necessary to install the software under the numbers 10.3.4 or 9.3.6.

How to update iPhone

In nature and practice, there are two ways to update iSO on iPhone: using a stable Wi-Fi Internet connection directly in the iPhone itself and using iTunes through a computer. Both methods are good, but there are certain differences that must be considered when installing the operating system.
Updating directly to the iPhone, in principle, is convenient, but slow, due to the weak speed of the network router. Updating on a computer is faster and more reliable, but it requires a USB cable.

Update iPhone via WIFI

To update your iPhone, connect it to a Wi-Fi router or turn on 3G / 4G mobile Internet. Check that the smartphone is connected while charging, as the update process may take up to 30-40 minutes. Please note that the update phase should not be interrupted under any pretext. After that, open the “Settings” window in the device and select the “General” section, in which activate the “Software Update” command.
The smartphone will surely find out the existing new versions of the system and offer to install them in the iPhone - “Download and Install”. By agreeing, you confirm your intention by pressing the specified key, and start the process of installing updates. When the stage is completed, the iPhone will automatically reboot, and turning on, you will find the latest version of iOS on it.

Update iPhone via iTunes

To more confidently update your OS, check on your PC for the latest version of iTunes. If one is missing, be sure to download it for free from the official Apple page. Again, remember that interrupting the update process is prohibited.
If everything is ready, you need to connect your iPhone to the PC via a USB cable. The next step is to activate iTunes and find your smartphone in it. The entry “Check for Update” will appear in the first window, which means checking for updates (since the updates are updated, we don’t click), and then go to the “Download and Install” option, which indicates downloading and installing the software. After a while, when the update is fully downloaded, the iPhone itself will turn off to reboot and turn on in the updated version of iOS.

Apple warned disconnecting older iPhone models Internet
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