Mental health of schoolchildren, kids and teenagers and ways to preserve it

Mental health

The role of the school in the formation of a comprehensively developed personality.

In modern conditions, the role of the school in the formation of a comprehensively developed personality, the preservation and strengthening of the physical and mental health of schoolchildren is significantly increasing.

Health is one of the most important values ​​of human life

Health is one of the most important values ​​of human life. Therefore, the family and the school must create favorable conditions for maintaining and strengthening the physical and mental health of the student and the formation of a healthy lifestyle.

One of the most important tasks

One of the most important tasks of modern elementary school is the preservation and strengthening of the health of younger students. However, in the modern world, a serious problem arises of raising a healthy schoolchild, who has reliable physical and mental health, high intellectual training, and is capable of active life. Over the past ten years, there has been a deterioration in the indicators of physical development, physical fitness and mental health of school-age children. Recently, the number of healthy preschoolers has decreased by 5 times and amounted to only about 10% among the contingent of children entering school.

Over the past years, the overall incidence of schoolchildren has significantly increased

Over the past years, the overall incidence of schoolchildren has significantly increased, health deviations have increased sharply, and the number of children suffering from neurosis, allergic reactions, pneumonia, bronchial asthma, tuberculosis, leukemia, diphtheria, scarlet fever and other somatic and mental diseases is growing rapidly. Numerous studies in recent years show that about 30-35% of children entering the first grades have chronic diseases and significant deviations in physical and mental health.

The profound changes taking place in the psychological and psychological form

The profound changes taking place in the psychological and psychological form of the younger schoolchildren testify to the wide possibilities for the development of the child at this age stage. During this period, at a qualitatively new level, the development potential of the child is realized as an active subject, cognizing the world around him and himself, acquiring his own experience of acting in this world. The most important neoplasms arise in all areas of mental development: intelligence, personality, and social relations are being transformed. The leading role of educational activities in this process does not exclude the fact that the younger student is actively included in other types of activities (play, elements of work, sports, art, etc.), during which new achievements of the child are improved and consolidated.

The foundations of a healthy lifestyle

The foundations of a healthy lifestyle, a value attitude to health must be laid already at the initial stage of schooling, because during this period, children are particularly susceptible to educational influences. This is due to the intensive social development of the psyche and its main substructures, changes in the lifestyle of children, new interests and responsibilities, needs, the most important of which is the need for training, the acquisition of new knowledge, skills.
Younger school age is a period of positive change and transformation. If at this age the child does not feel the joy of learning, does not acquire the ability to learn, does not learn to be friends, does not gain confidence in his abilities and capabilities, to do this in the future (outside the sensitive period) will be much more difficult and will require immeasurably higher mental and physical costs . That is why maintaining the mental health of a primary school student is an urgent problem of modern psychological research. An analysis of the scientific literature has shown that the relevance of the problem of preserving the mental health of schoolchildren is becoming increasingly meaningful.

Mental health schoolchildren kids teenagers preserve it
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