China launched 5G for everyone

China launched 5G for everyone, Jon Smitt
China launched 5G for everyone

China launched 5G for everyone

China is again ahead of the rest by launching 5G commercial networks. However, analysts believe that it is too early to celebrate the new future - the price of a new technology can scare away potential subscribers, many of whom do not understand the fundamental difference between the networks of the fourth and fifth generations.
5G to every home
China has announced the launch of its fifth generation (5G) networks, which are now available to the general consumer, CNBC reports. 5G will provide subscribers with ultra-high speed data transfer, which is a prerequisite for the successful operation of many new technologies, for example, “smart” cities or unmanned vehicles.
Mobile operators China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile introduced their 5G tariffs, the price of which starts at 128 yuan per month ($ 18).

An expensive tariff costs about 599 yuan per month ($ 85) and includes 300 GB of traffic and 3 thousand minutes for calls.
It is reported that commercial 5G is already available in 50 Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. China is the second country after South Korea to deploy fifth-generation networks nationwide. For example, in the USA, some providers also provide 5G services, but only in certain cities.

Meanwhile, in the spring of this year, US President Donald Trump announced that "the 5G race has begun and America must win it."

Prior to this, in his Twitter account, he announced that it was time to introduce “6G”, moreover, as soon as possible.

“I want 5G and even 6G in the US as soon as possible. This is a much more powerful, fast and smart communication standard than the current one, ”said the American leader, which caused ridicule from Internet users who told the president that sixth generation communication does not even exist in the project.
However, the sanctions imposed by the States on the Chinese company Huawei may prevent Donald Trump from winning the 5G race - the fact is that this vendor is one of the pioneers of this technology. In America, they are worried that Huawei may spy on Beijing with its hardware.

China launched 5G everyone
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