The conflict between the Ministry of Health, PhilHealth and private hospitals

The medical conflict
The medical conflict

The conflict between the Ministry of Health, the state insurance company PhilHealth and private hospitals in the Philippines.

Health Minister Francisco Duque III has strictly warned private hospitals in the country that withdrawing from a deal with state-owned insurance company PhilHealth would have unforeseen disastrous consequences. This statement came after the Philippine Private Hospitals Association threatened to withdraw from PhilHealth because the organization constantly delays insurance payments to private hospitals.

The situation is really loose loose as private hospitals go bankrupt without Phil-Health patients, that is, every citizen who by law must have a health insurance card. At the same time, Private hospitals are on the verge of bankruptcy because this state-owned corporation does not pay bills for the treatment of patients with Phil Health.

Of course, private hospitals can refuse to accredit PhilHealth insurance, but in this case, only the most effective will survive serving the rich patients ... But life is such that the sick are mostly poor people, or vice versa, poor people are mostly sick ...

There are 600 public hospitals in the Philippines, but they are not able to serve the country's 100 million population ... More than 1000 private hospitals with the help of compensations PhilHealth could barely cope with the influx of patients .. But now the situation from the new year can change dramatically, and it is not possible to provide funding for state insurance PhilHealth will close 90% of private hospitals ...

Of course, the state insurance monopoly PhilHealth is a huge corruption monster .. processing more than 1 million insured events a day and it's over, the schemes of rollbacks work here when friends are paid insurance immediately, and enemies (enemies without envelopes) are not paid under various pretexts (prepositions mostly incorrectly drafted documents) ... PhilHealth is lobbying for a bill to sabotage the country's Universal Health System in which private hospitals will be denied a license for a medical practitioner nost. In fairness, I must say that private hospitals are not at hand: ordinary ARVs are usually diagnosed as pneumonia .. for example, Manila Hospital reported 800,000 cases of pneumonia in 2018 .. and here is corruption.

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