Mayor Labella first 100 days as a Mayor of Cebu City

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Approximately 41,000 reference tickets for different petty criminal offenses were given by the Cebu City Transportation Office (CCTO) during Mayor Edgardo Labella's initial 100 days in office, gaining for City Hall around P21 million. 

In light of the information exhibited by CTTO representative Ronnie Nadera, a sum of 40,812 tickets were given to 23,171 drivers and walkers from July 1, 2019 to October 8, 2019. 

Nadera said the quantity of reference tickets gave is double the quantity of violators on the grounds that there were situations where a driver or person on foot had a few infringement. 

"There are violators who submitted more than one infringement. That is the reason the quantity of tickets gave is far more than the quantity of people," he clarified. 

The CTTO gave 991 reference tickets for illicit stopping, 1,495 for medium-term stopping, 187 tickets for infringement of pedicab drivers, 242 passes to tricycle drivers, 713 passes to cruiser drivers and 19,061 passes to walker violators. 

The trepidation is CCTO's reaction to Labella's momentary measure in tackling the traffic issue, which incorporates the severe execution of traffic rules. 

In his report on his achievements during his initial 100 days in office on Wednesday, October 16, 2019, Labella said he had a progression of gatherings about the financial limit for traffic framework enhancements with the CCTO faculty, traffic specialists and urban gathering committed to street discipline. 

"The result of these gatherings is an official request that puts a weight on implementation. The quick dread of disorderly drivers is a demonstrated instrument for diminishing criminal traffic offenses and facilitating clog," Labella said in his discourse. 

In his request, all traffic masters must watch the zones where drivers without any orders are "deteriorating constantly." 

He additionally requested that they issue, alongside references, a conventional necessity for traffic re-training, and force higher fines so as to develop self-guideline. 

CCTO ought to likewise be forceful in catching moving infringement and plain view offenses, follow difficult jeepney drivers who burden or empty travelers before No Stopping signs, and pay special mind to vehicles that are not street commendable and keep them off the roads. 

For long haul arrangements, Labella approached the partners and volunteers gathering to go about as traffic teachers and guard dogs. 

He additionally pushed for the Integrated Intermodal Transport System (ITS) consolidating monorail and quick transport travel, just as the third extension associating Cebu City and Mactan Island. 

The all out redesigning of the traffic light framework likewise beat his answers for traffic blockage, including that the Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS) that the CTTO is utilizing is as of now 30 years of age. 

He is peering toward the utilization of computerized reasoning and high-resoultion cameras to screen the streets, misgiving of violators and the aligned guideline of traffic low.

Cebu Achievements Traffic Mayor 100
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