MCWD Board will fight for their rights

MCWD Board will fight for their rights


Individuals from the Metropolitan Cebu Water District (MCWD) leading group of chief won't surrender their situation in spite of Mayor Edgardo Labella's organization ending their administrations. 

Board executive Joel Mari Yu, in a letter to Labella Thursday, October 17, 2019, stated, "It is with most profound lament that the MCWS BOD (top managerial staff), with full help from the whole MCWD as an association, can't unwisely agree or go along to the equivalent." 

Yu called Labella's end of their administrations "illicit and invalid" since it is in " direct repudiation of no not exactly the Philippine Constitution, Presidential Decree (PD) 198, existing important fliers and issuance's, including jurisprudential rules." 

While board is declining to step down, Cebu City Mayor Labella is beginning the way toward distinguishing people he could name to take their places. He said that among those names were advanced were previous city hall leader Alvin Garcia, legal advisor and Sun Star Cebu feature writer Frank Malilong Jr. also, Capitol agent Manolette Dinsay. 

As Labella and the board handle inquiries on power, MCWD authorities went to Metro Cebu city hall leaders to examine potential answers for the water emergency. 

In Mandaue City, a MCWD public statement said its authorities met with Mayor Jonas Cortes Tuesday, October 15. Cortes purportedly advised the utility authorities to investigate the improvement of gabion dams in Butuanon Watershed territory. Gabion dams made of confine or chamber loaded up with rocks, cement or sand and soil to hold water or occupy its stream. What's more, Cortes recommended a site for a water catchment. What water it gets from the dams and catchment would expand supply. MCWD and its private accomplices have wells in Mandaue City with an all out generation of 20,000 cubic meters for each day however the water request in the city is at 95,000 cu. m. every day as 2019. 

In Talisay City, Mayor Gerald Anthony Gullas Jr. said he was cheerful MCWD authorities had the option to visit him Thursday however he included that they were somewhat late in organizing. Talisay City gives 50,000 cu. m. day by day to MCWD yet just 15,000 cu. m. is conveyed to Talisay shoppers. The city's interest is set at 38,000 cu. m. every day. Gullas prior said Talisay supplies water to MCWD yet the water utility didn't visit its provider. 

Gullas and Lapu-lapu City Mayor Junard Chan communicated trusts that short and long haul answers for the water emergency would be recognized and actualized soon. 

Chan said he will leave it to Labella to choose the new MCWD load up however the new authorities ought to have the option to act quickly on the deficiency. Chan recorded inventory and dissemination issue in Barangays Punta Engano, Maribago, Mactan and Babag. 

Last Tuesday, Labella sent notification of end to Yu and four MCWD board individuals for their inability to address the ebb and flow water emergency bothering their buyers. 

Yu, in his answer to Labella, likewise said the MCWD will keep on doing its work and coordinate with neighborhood authorities to discover answers for the emergency. He stated: "In spite of your unlawful request, MCWD will stay unflinching in playing out its command given all the happy conditions that obstruct it from carrying out its responsibility. It will keep on coordinating with the neighborhood government units inside its administration territory to discover ways and answers for serve the individuals. In light of this, MCWD is cheerful that you will proceed to maintain and the regards the self-sufficiency and autonomy of the individuals' water locale." 

Yu said Labella's structure, given last Tuesday, October 15, abused the Constitution and PD 198 or the Provincial Water Utilities Act of 1973 that administers the activity of free, privately controlled open water regions. The MCWD is an administration possessed and controlled partnership directed by the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA). 

Beside Yu, board individuals Augustus Pe Jr., Procopio Fernandez, legal counselor Ralph Sevilla and board secretary Cecilia Jugao-Adlawan won't not consent to Labella's notification of end. 

Regarding who Labella needs to replace Yu and his board, Labella said he has 25 names for assessment. Among the names for assessment. Among the names given were those of Garcia, Malilong and Dinsay. 

"That doesn't imply that on the grounds that the individual is prescribed by the representative or somebody who is amazing and powerful, (they would get the position). It ought to be founded on legitimacy and capability," Labella said. Before he chooses, he said he would counsel other City authorities. 

With regards to the subsequent stages, Cebu City Councilor Raymond Alvin Garcia said the request for the chairman doesn't mean the MCWD board individuals administrations would be ended right away. 

He said the city hall leader would need to keep in touch with the LWUA to advise it regarding his activity of his capacity to end the board. 

The LWUA will assess and choose if their expulsion was appropriate. "When the LWUA says the evacuation was appropriate, that is the time the end (request) will produce results," Garcia said. 

Labella likewise anticipates that the board individuals should make legitimate move. In the event that they do , the civic chairman said he will simply confront them in the court. 

The five individuals board is the arrangement making body of the water area. It sets the course for significant projects like extension, sourcing and approaches however it isn't a piece of the day - to - day tasks.

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