The number of typhoon Hagibis victims in Japan reached 66 people

typhoon Hagibis
typhoon Hagibis

The total of typhoon Hagibis victims in Japan reached 66 people

The death toll as a result of the typhoon Hagibis having hit Japan has grown to 66, the NHK television reported on Tuesday, according to local authorities.

Previously reported 56 dead.

Fukushima Prefecture in northeast Japan was hit hardest, with 25 people dead.

Hagibis brought strong winds and heavy rains, as a result of which about 200 rivers overflowed the banks. Dams broke through about 50 of them, causing flooding in large areas. More than 10 thousand houses were damaged. Heavy rain also caused about 140 landslides across the country.

Meteorologists reported that in many areas up to 40% of the annual rainfall fell in two days.

Almost 35 thousand households are still without electricity, and another 130 thousand houses without water.

typhoon Hagibis victims Japan
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