A 14 years old girl was being raped and killed

A 14 years old girl was being raped and killed
A 14 years old girl was being raped and killed

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A 14-year-old girl who was missing Monday morning, October 14, was found dead and neck-broken in the woods about 50 meters away from her home in Purok Caimito, Barangay Guimbawian, Pinamungajan town.

There were signs that the girl had been raped, but further consultation was required.

The family and relatives of the victim, Justine Andayop, 14, a grade 8 student at Lamac National High School, were told by the alderman that they believed the child had been abducted.

Justine Andayop girl raped, cebusite.com
Justine Andayop girl raped, cebusite.com

Police Corporal Jonas Gonzales, investigator at Pinamungajan Police Station, said they are still investigating whether Justine was raped and who did it.

The five children are home since their parents were in the Carbon public market in Cebu City selling vegetables as a daily living.

Justine, the youngest, took care of her younger siblings.

Justine's brother told police in Pinamungajan that 4 o'clock in the morning, they had their eyes open to beg for breakfast and drop off at school.

These children were left alone because their mom and dad also sold the Carbon public market in the city. They were just theirs. As much as the younger one went to bed last night, they are still intact. He's still there, ”Gonzales said.

It is also a good idea to move their school away from their home so children can get up early to get ready early.

Justine Andayop cebu, cebusite.com
Justine Andayop cebu, cebusite.com

'Aggravated by Agta'

On Monday morning, they noticed that their bed was empty, but simply ignored because they had risen to prepare breakfast.

Apparently, instead of waking them, the younger sister got up, but Justine wasn't in the kitchen.

The brother promptly urges the other siblings to help find their way out.

They made a call outside their home, but did not appear.

Unable to find their sister, they went to their aunts and relatives to help with the search.

They couldn't find Justine.

At noon, they still could not find the victim.

Here, one of the aunts decided to have her in the village alphabetically believe she was there.

Near their home, there is a large mango tree, which they believe that the girl was being kept there.

They shouted "give her back!"

The albatross said the herd brought the mango to the mango in the yard of the girl.

“The story of the supposed healer was their first faith, and then they hid it. They are still ritualizing the mango tree and then they are noisy to bring the victim back, ”Gonzales added.

At 2pm on Monday, people noticed someone was lurking in front of the house.

Justine Andayop raped, cebusite.com
Justine Andayop raped, cebusite.com


During their inspection, the body of the victim was found.

On the face, they recognized Justine, who had a neck injury believed to be a sharp weapon.

The victim was taken to a cemetery in Cebu City for autopsy.

Bina Andayop, Justine's mother, in an interview with Superbalita Cebu, said they already have suspected of committing the crime.

He was also the neighbor of the police force since it was suspected of fleeing their area.

“She also suspected that my husband was thinking of everyone else, just that he didn't come to see Justine's body. This is the story of us who said Sunday that they had been hit by a knife and that they had turned the house around, ”Bina told Superbalita Cebu.

After the body of Justine's body was removed, the neighbor was said to have been stranded, slowly raising money to move to Manila.

Autopsy :

Dr. Benjamin Lara, medics legal officer of the PNP Crima Laboratory, has undergone autopsy on the victim's body.

It was found that the blade had been cut with a sharp object.

Aside from a major neck injury, it was noted that Lara had a stab wound to the body and a chest wound.

He said that Justine had a high probability of being raped, but he is still unsure as to the results of the scientific examination.

“So, right now, let's dig up the specimen. I'm not at liberty yet at this point to discuss my findings. There are only significant findings there, in the child's genitalia. Let's just get a specimen for DNA examination, ”Lara.

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