The Department of Education-Cebu City has announced early Christmas Break

Christmas Break
Christmas Break

Deped Announce Early Christmas Break! 

The Department of Education-Cebu City has announced that Christmas Break will begin in public schools on December 15 and students will return on January 6, 2020.

Carl Capili, staff of Acting DepEd Supt. Dr. Danilo Gudilusao said it was based on the DepEd memorandum issued by their Central Office.

Private schools depend on their respective school administrators during their vacation.

Wow, it's a long vacation.

Christmas is a great holiday, set in memory of the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. Christmas is one of the most important Christian holidays and a public holiday in more than 100 countries of the world.

December 25, Christmas is celebrated not only by Catholics, but also by the Orthodox of a number of countries, Lutherans and other Protestant denominations.

The first information about Christians celebrating Christmas dates back to the 4th century. The question of the real date of birth of Jesus Christ is controversial and ambiguously resolved among church authors. Perhaps the choice of December 25th is connected with the pagan solar festival “Birth of the Invincible Sun” that fell on this day, which, after the adoption of Christianity in Rome, was filled with new content.

According to one of the modern hypotheses, the choice of the date of Christmas was due to the simultaneous celebration by the early Christians of the Incarnation (Conception of Christ) and Easter. Accordingly, as a result of the addition of nine months to this date (March 25), Christmas fell on the winter solstice.

The Department of Education-Cebu City has announced early Christmas Break, photo-1,

The feast of the Nativity of Christ has five days of the festivities (from December 20 to 24) and six days of the festivities. On the eve, or on the eve of the feast of the holiday (December 24), a particularly strict fast is observed, called the Christmas Eve, since on this day juicy wheat and barley grains, cooked with honey, are eaten. According to tradition, the Christmas Eve post ends with the appearance of the first evening star in the sky. On the eve of the feast, the Old Testament prophecies and events related to the Nativity of the Savior are recalled. Christmas services are performed three times: at midnight, at dawn and in the afternoon, which symbolizes the Nativity of Christ in the bosom of God the Father, in the womb of the Mother of God and in the soul of every Christian.

In the 13th century, during the time of St. Francis of Assisi, a custom appeared to put up in the temples for worship a manger in which the figure of the Baby Jesus was placed. Over time, nurseries began to be placed before Christmas, not only in churches, but also in homes. Home santons - mock-ups in glazed boxes depict the grotto, and in the manger lies the baby Jesus. Next to him is the Mother of God, Joseph, an angel, shepherds who came to worship, as well as animals - a bull, a donkey. Entire scenes from folk life are also depicted: for example, peasants in folk costumes are placed next to the holy family.

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