Danasan Eco Adventure Park

Danasan Eco Adventure Park
Danasan Eco Adventure Park

Danasan Eco Adventure Park 

Danasan Eco Adventure Park has several exciting adventures lined up, just waiting for you to conquer your fears.

Danasan Eco Adventure Park price
Danasan Eco Adventure Park price

Danasan Falls

Green Adventure Pass has three levels of waterfall. During the two hour trek , marvel each section and be fascinated by one fall to another fall.

Trekking and Waterfall Exploration

Meet the basics of rappelling and get the possibility of rappelling down a 40-feet drop water fall. Take your own big jump and swim in the waterfalls.

Danasan Falls
Danasan Falls

All-terrain vehicle Trailing

On all-terrain vehicles you can explore the park. The trail goes along of the park complex and beyond the hilly slopes.


Unusual road in the sky on a bicycle. Four lanes with 180 meters long cable back and forth. The bike zips down a 180m steel cable as it goes downhill.

Danasan Eco Adventure Park , photo-3


Enjoy the speed and track. But be careful!

Danasan Eco Adventure Park , photo-4

Wall Climbing

The 120 ft. wall climbing challenge is perfect for body building activity. If fatigue has overthrown the body, a request to be pulled up can easily be arranged.

High Cable Traverse

The Danasan Park offers coasting from one tower to another. The 150ft distance between the towers can be traversed easily. By gliding down the air, one would soon realize that the trip from a height of 120 ft to the midsection of the secondary tower about 60ft from the ground was an acrobatic luck.


If you need a slower and steadier experience hopscotch/ descent your way by using a line to reach the ground. Know the different types of rappelling, the hasty rappel, inverted rappel, seat-shoulder rappel, body rappel and seat-hip rappel. See how it feels like climbing down in a crosswise position.

Danasan Eco Adventure Park , photo-5

Zipline and Horseback Riding

With a tall vantage point, every man-made structure built for amusement can be seen in this 440m long ride. Getting in between the 50ft. shallow cliffs and with a speed of 50km/hour, it could make a mans heart skip a beat or two.


One of the most exciting attractions of the park is Skydrop. A machine slowly raises the riders to 120 ft. It takes a 3 min for you to reach the top. Stop and fall fast. Do you have time to feel something? Sure.

Your soul will definitely say bye-bye as your physical body plummets down to the ground.

Danasan Eco Adventure Park , photo-6

Horse Back Riding

The horseback riding trail goes around the entire park. Pick a suitable horse at the stables. Danasan’s horses are nice, healthy, and big. For safety, a guide holds the horse’s bridle.

Way of the Cross and Grotto

Take a lovely walk or stride with a horse at the parks grotto and way of the cross. The pilgrims journey starts near the Main lobby that circumnavigates around the other side of the Park. Added positive stimulus for up-keeping your faith are the mountains of Asturias , the two lakes inside the park , landscapes and greenery with fresh air and cool breeze at your side.

Wake Boarding

Energetic adults and children plainly need to try the wake board experience the park is offering. A water room of sixty meters of distance with a basic obstacle course such as buoyed ramps, control and teaching staffs and loads of stunts to try on! Two hours of fun and excitement.

Wake Boarding
Wake Boarding

Danasan Eco Adventure Park has all the facilities that a true adventurer will need.

Danasan Eco Adventure Park
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